Why is House Cold with Heating On in Green Valley Ranch, NV? HVAC Tune Up Solutions & More

Even here in the Las Vegas Valley the cold season temperatures can get pretty chilly. Your central heating will definitely still get quite a workout as it helps you keep your house warm. Some homeowners may find that their heater is turned on and their thermostat is set to a temperature that should feel nice and warm but they are still cold inside their houses. What causes your house to feel cold even with the heat on? Hal Mechanical gets calls about this problem frequently. There are some common culprits as to why your house still feels cold that we would like to discuss with you today.

Poor House Insulation & Sealing

If your home does not have the proper insulation your home will not be able to stay warm. The heat that is produced from your heater will go right out of your home instead of staying inside your home like it would with proper insulation. Newer homes typically have excellent insulation but if your home is older you may need to look into improving your insulation. One of the things that you can do is take a look at your windows. You can replace your older windows with newer insulated windows. Triple pane windows provide excellent insulation for your home. If you do not have the money to replace your windows you can make a few improvements to your current windows that will also help. If your windows have gaps or leaks along the edges you can fill them with caulk. You can also put heavier drapes on your windows. The heavier fabric on your windows will help trap the cold air in between the window and the fabric and your house will be warmer. Another common place where your hot air leaks out of your house is the outside doors. Your doors have weather stripping on them to help keep the air inside your home from leaking outside. The weather stripping does need to be replaced periodically. This is a cheap and easy project that you can do on your own.

Leaky Air Ducts & Ductwork

Sometimes the air that is heating or cooling your home is escaping through leaks in your ductwork. This problem is hard to detect without professional help. A professional will help you check for areas in your ductwork where the air is leaking out and causing your home to not stay at the temperature that you want it to be at.

HVAC Problems

The other thing that could be the culprit for your home being cold is your actual HVAC unit. If your heating and cooling system is not working properly your house will be cold all winter long. Hal Mechanical recommends maintenance on your unit in the spring and the fall. If you skipped your maintenance this fall give us a call now. We can come and check out unit, diagnose any problems and make recommendations to repair or replace your central heating system.

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No matter what the problem for your cold home is Hal Mechanical can help you find and solve the problem so that you can enjoy a nice, warm winter from here on out. Contact us today!

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