Why Does My Air Conditioner Sound So Loud in Canyon Gate, NV? AC Clicking, Whistling & Other Noises

When it comes from your air conditioner, most people can hear the small hum of it operating. Unfortunately, there are noises that are not good as far as your air conditioner is concerned. To remedy the cause of the unusual sounds, you are likely to need the assistance of a trained technician. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to discuss the sounds that should be acknowledged and dealt with immediately.

Why is My AC Unit So Loud All of a Sudden?

1) AC Clicking Sound. When it turns on, a soft clicking noise right is common coming from the air conditioner. It is not normal to hear the clicking sound getting louder. Your air conditioning functionality at its core is having trouble if you are experiencing an incessant clicking noise.
2) Clanking AC Noise. Clanking is a different sound than banging, though some people may use these descriptive words interchangeably. If this helps to differentiate the sounds, the clanking word describes a sound that is a little tinnier. Frequently due to a part moving around in your system is the cause of clanking noises.
3) AC Buzzing Sound. An electric buzzing sound coming from your air conditioner is usually a red flag that your AC might be having a larger scale electrical problem is not something that you should ignore. To trace the problem to its origins and make the necessary repairs, you need a licensed professional.
4) Whistling AC Noise. When dealing with a refrigerant leak, this whistling sounds are often generated.
5) AC Banging Noises. Loud banging needs help as quickly as possible, since the air conditioner really should not be loud as it is. More often than not, the compressor is to blame and needs an expert.
6) Squealing AC Sounds. The squealing noises can often be heard when the high pressure builds up, and as it tries to escape within the system. The squealing issue can potentially grow into a dangerous problem if left untreated.
7) AC Rattling Noises. The rattling suggests that there is something loose, similar to a banging noise. The rattling is often a screw or a fan blade that has become loose, and something that definitely needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
8) Humming AC Sounds. In moderation, this humming is normal, as air conditioners will hum slightly as they operate as we mentioned earlier. It is likely due to refrigerant problems or parts of become loose when the humming becomes loud and persistent, however.
9) AC Hissing Noises. The hissing that can be heard stems from a leak somewhere in the system, usually. Leaks can occur any time throughout the system. In the event you hear a hissing noise from the cooling system, you need the help of an expert to pinpoint the origin and make the necessary repairs.
10) Gurgling AC Sounds. The gurgling sounds are another noise that indicate there is serious trouble with your air conditioner is something that should not be brushed. Likely an internal leak in your air conditioning system is the created the gurgling sounds. If it is not addressed quickly, it can develop into a more serious problem fast since this usually indicates a serious problem.

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You should not overlook it and invest in a professional to come and inspect your system, in any case, when the air conditioner system is making any abnormal noises. Contact Hal Mechanical and let our certified technicians help you!

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