Why Do Central AC & Furnace System Costs Vary So Much in Spring Valley, NV? Type, Size, SEER Rating & More

Depending on the quality, how well they were cared for and maintained, air conditioner units last between 10-20 years before they need to be replaced. It is ideal to have the assistance of the professionals guide you through the process and ensure quality installation when it comes time to replacing the unit. You can afford more time in the planning process if you recognize the signs the unit is failing, however. We at Hal Mechanical would like to share the factors when it comes to why costs vary for your replacement.

Type of Cooling System

Especially as many are commonly a ducted central air conditioning system, there are all sorts of cooling systems available at various prices. In the Vegas desert, heat pumps are an attractive option because they cool effectively at a fraction of the operating cost of central air for those in warmer climates. The savings over the years give consumers a return and then some, since these systems do come with a higher installation and purchasing cost, however. Ductless mini-split systems may be more or less expensive than ducted central air, depending on how many units are needed. For home additions and multi-unit buildings as the systems cool individual rooms, this option is ideal. With the mini-split system, small spaces have the most economical option. Adding to the overall price of the replacement is the duct installation or any work.

Calculate what Size Air Conditioner Unit Needed

Another reason why professional HVAC contractor are optimal from the beginning an air conditioner must be sized to your home. It is not helpful to have an oversized or undersized. Making the air feel clammy and damp, the home is cooled faster, but the oversized unit cannot dehumidify it. Mold growth develops under these conditions. While never cooling it, a unit too small will continuously operate to keep up with the demand, leaving you with discomfort and high energy bills.

SEER Rating of Air Conditioner

Since over time air conditioner units lose their efficiency with age, and with the constant technological advances with engineers, replacing your air conditioner will almost certainly result in improved energy efficiency. Playing a role in the overall price is the air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating is of the unit, the better the efficiency is, and the higher price while at the same time the SEER helps consumers compare efficiency.

Supplemental Air Purification Systems

To offer more than cooling and heating, the HVAC system has the opportunity. By removing the finer contaminants and allergens that trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions, indoor air quality systems can improve the indoor air in the home. To make the air more comfortable as well, adding to the overall cost, dry and damp climates also need whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers working in conjunction with the heating and cooling system.

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