When Should You Get a Furnace Tune Up in Anthem, NV? Heating Making a Loud Noise, Short Cycles & More

While this has historically been deemed the spookiest season around, it’s also when we start to feel a significant shift in the weather. There is all of a sudden, a bit of a crisp feeling that only comes with the fall season. That means that it’s also time to start think about heating our homes rather than cooling them. When you turn on your furnace for the first time, there are often some signs that indicate it is time to schedule a fall tune up. Hal Mechanical is here to point out the signs that often clue you into the fact that it’s time to schedule some maintenance on your furnace.

Does My Furnace Need a Tune Up?

Furnace maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure you get as many years as possible out of your furnace. This is why it is so important that you schedule routine maintenance at least once a year to ensure your furnace is working as efficiently as possible. Here are some signs that are often present when it’s time to have a tune up scheduled on your furnace.
– Noises from Heating System: You are more than likely used to the noise that accompanies your furnace. You need to start feeling worried when you hear noises that are out of the norm. Loud, strange noises are often a sign that there is something amiss with your furnace and it needs to be looked at. During a tune up appointment, a thorough inspection can uncover the source of the noise and fix it.
– Short Cycling: Your furnace shouldn’t be turning on and off constantly throughout the day. If this is happening, it is known as short cycling and is incredibly hard on your furnace. If your furnace never gets a break, and is working around the clock, it is going to wear out much faster and will more than likely need more repairs than one that is properly maintained and working as it should.
– High Energy Bills: A spike in your energy bills is another reason to call for a tune up. A tune up helps your furnace to work as efficiently as possible which will help to save you money on your energy bills each month. A sudden spike in your energy bills can often mean that there is something wrong with your furnace.
– Yellow Pilot Light: The pilot light on your furnace shouldn’t ever look yellow when you inspect it. If the furnace is burning fuel efficiently, the flam should be blue. A yellow flame can often clue you into a carbon monoxide leak that needs attention.

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If you are getting ready to turn on your furnace, you can count on the professionals at Hal Mechanical to ensure your furnace is up to the task this winter with our maintenance services. We will inspect your furnace and make any necessary repairs that will help keep your furnace going this winter. Call us today!

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