What is Involved in Replacing Air Conditioner in Seven Hills, NV? How Big Should Unit Be, SEER Rating & More

If you discover this summer season that your air conditioner has completely failed, you will be facing an air conditioner replacement. When replacing the air conditioner unit you will want to get a new unit that is perfect for your home, that will be more energy efficient, and is built to last. When you are looking for your home’s ideal air conditioner there are a few concepts you need to know to ensure you find the right unit. Hal Mechanical will share what to know about replacing an air conditioner unit and why it is recommended that you seek professional assistance in getting the right unit.

How Big Should My AC Unit Be?

One of the first major considerations is the size of air conditioner that is perfect for your home. An air conditioner must be sized to the home. Each home has an interior space that needs to be filled with cool air. It is a common misconception that a bigger air conditioner is better. However, a bigger unit is not better and only leads to a number of problems and expenses. When buying a new air conditioner you will need to have a unit designed to cool your home. You will need to know the square footage of your home and match it with the air conditioner unit that is close to your homes square footage. It is important that you get the right sized unit, which is why it is recommended you seek professional. They will help you find and install the right air conditioner.

Does Higher SEER Rating Mean More Energy Efficient

When buying a new air conditioner you are already upgrading your cooling system. Newer air conditioners are designed for better efficiency. In the U.S. it is required for an air conditioner to have a SEER rating ( Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) of 14. However, you can find air conditioner’s with a SEER rating of 25 or higher. If you want a more energy efficient cooling system, check the unit’s SEER rating and get at least a 14 or higher.

Types of AC Refrigerant

When buying a new air conditioner unit double check which type of Freon or refrigerant the unit uses. The R22 and the HCFC-22 is being phased out and will no longer be used. However, there are some units that still use these refrigerants. It is odd you can get a unit that uses refrigerant is that being phased out, but there are some units out there and they may even be discounted to get these units sold. When buying a new air conditioner unit, see which type of refrigerant the air conditioner uses and make sure it not a refrigerant that is being phased out.

Can You Mix & Match AC Units?

Make sure you get the same cooling system as your current air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioning systems such as a compact single unit, heating, split air conditioner, or central air conditioner. Know which system your home is already set up for and that your air duct system will also work with the new air conditioner.

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There is a lot to consider when buying a new air conditioner. For this reason it is strongly recommended to have a licensed HVAC service help you find the right air conditioner and ensure it is installed properly. For air conditioner replacement and other HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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