What Happens when the Heating Element Goes Out on a Furnace in Anthem, NV? No Heat from Air Vents & More

An electric furnace contains a heating element that has air blowing through it to create warm air for a home. The heating element is an essential component to an electric furnace. Often when an electric furnace fails to produce warm air, you know that something went wrong with the heating element. Hal Mechanical would like to share some of the common signs that your heating element has failed and when you should seek professional repairs.

Odd Odor from Furnace

When the heating element in an electric furnace fails, often it is accompanied by an odd odor. There may be a sulfur or fishy like odor. A sulfur or fishy odor is often the telltale signs of a failed electrical connection. When you smell an electrical burn which causes the odor, you will want to pinpoint where the odor is coming from to make sure it is not another electrical fixture. If the odors are coming from your air vent, then that will help you know for sure that it is your furnace and not another electrical fixture in the home.

Furnace is Running More Often

If you notice that your furnace is running more often even though it did not get colder outside, this is often a sign the furnace is struggling to keep the inside temperature warm enough. A furnace has multiple heating elements. When one of the heating elements fail, the furnace will not produce enough heat which means the furnace will need to work more often. If everything appears to be normal but your furnace is running longer, this is often a sign that one of your heat elements has worn down or has failed.

No Heat Coming From Air Vent

When all of the heating elements have failed, yet the furnace is running a cycle, you will notice that no warm air is coming from the air vent. When the furnace is running properly, air will still blow through the air vents. However, without the heating elements working properly, you will only get cool air. When all of the heating elements have failed, and you only have cool air, you will need to have the heating element replaced.

What To Do When Heating Elements Fail

When a furnace heating element fails it is best to turn off the furnace and have the unit looked at by a professional HVAC service. The element may need to have the connection checked or the element may simply need to be replaced. Heating elements can develop a number of problems such as corrosion, burnout, and damages due to power surges. When an element fails they can be quickly changed out and your heating system restored. To prevent stressing out the rest of the furnace avoid running the furnace, even if only one heating element appears to be worn out. Stressing the furnace will simply compound the problem. To avoid additional repairs, turn the furnace off and contact an HVAC service.

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