What Happens when an Evaporator Coil Becomes Blocked, Frozen or Has a Refrigerant Leak in Seven Hills, NV?

The evaporator coils, or also referred to just as the evaporator, is the major component that cools the warm air. When there is a problem with the evaporator coils, the air conditioner’s efficiency greatly decreases. Not only is the efficiency affected which will cause your power bill to increase, but your air conditioner will fail to cool down the home. Where the evaporator coil plays such a critical role, Hal Mechanical would like to share some common problems evaporator coils can develop and their effects.

Evaporator Coil Refrigerant Leak

One of the more common problems evaporator coils develop is a refrigerant leak. Sometime there is too much pressure that can cause a small hole to develop inside the evaporator coils and the refrigerant punches through causing a leak. Other common causes for evaporators to develop a refrigerant leak is due to corrosion, wear and tear, vibrations, or accidental damages. When there is a leak, the air conditioner will not have enough refrigerant to cool down the air. This result is that the home becomes increasingly warmer. Refrigerant, if it leaks inside the home, can cause respiratory and skin problems. If the result is that the refrigerant leak escapes outside, the refrigerant contributes to damaging our ozone layer. Basically, we must keep the refrigerant contained. With proper maintenance and routine tune-ups you can prevent most refrigerant leaks.

What Causes an Evaporator Coil to Freeze?

When the coil on the evaporator ices up, this will prevent the air conditioner from creating cool air. Ice will build up on the evaporator coils when the air flow becomes restricted. The air flow restriction can come from a few different areas of the air conditioner. Air flow restrictions can be due to the evaporator coil becoming too dirty, closed air vents or registers, or dirty air filters. To restore cool air to your home you will need to locate and correct the source of the air flow restriction.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Time has a way of accumulating dirt and debris in the oddest of places, even around the evaporator coils. When there is dirt and debris around the evaporator coils this is can lead to damages, prevent air flow and insulate the coils. When the coil becomes insulated with dirt and debris the coils cannot remove the heat from the air. Again, with regular maintenance, the evaporator coils will be cleaned and all dirt and debris will be removed from the evaporator coils. A neglected air conditioning system will develop dirt and debris and will impede the air conditioner’s performance.

Wrong Evaporator Coils Installed

Another common problem is when the wrong coils are installed. There may come a time where the evaporator coil will need to be replaced. When the coil on the evaporator becomes damage they cannot properly work, it is equally important that the right coil gets replaced. There have been times when the wrong coils were replaced. To help restore your home’s cooling system the right types of coil must be used.

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So many things can go wrong with the evaporator and it’s coils. When you need HVAC repairs or more, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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