What Happens if You Put R410A in a R22 System? How to Convert or Replace Refrigerant in Spanish Trail, NV?

Many homeowners that learn their air conditioner runs on R-22 refrigerant fears the day their unit develops a refrigerant leak. R-22 has been phased out and new air conditioners run on the new R-410A refrigerant which is much more environmentally friendly. If you have an air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant, you will no longer be able to refill the refrigerant if a leak occurs. You may begin to feel some pressure to replace your air conditioner simply to help save our planet’s ozone. However, not everyone can replace their air conditioner. Many homeowners ask if they can simply refill the air conditioner with the other refrigerant. However, this is not how it works. Nevertheless you may be able to retrofit an R-22 air conditioner with an R-410A Refrigerant system. Hal Mechanical will share how this can be done and why it is essential to seek out a professional if you decide to retrofit your refrigerant system.

Is R-22 Dangerous?

R-22 refrigerant has been proven to cause damage to our planet’s ozone, contributing to global warming. As of 2010, manufacturers stopped producing R-22 refrigerant and air conditioning units designed to use this refrigerant system. However, good news came from it. The new air conditioners now use R-410A refrigerant which is much more energy efficient and doesn’t impact the ozone as much. However, many people can’t replace their air conditioner unit even though they may want to. Often they will look for another option. One option is to retrofit your R-22 refrigerant system with a R-410a refrigerant system. However, this isn’t the easiest task nor is it as cheap as many may have hoped. Retrofitting a refrigerant system can be expensive, which is why it is often encouraged to replace the air conditioner instead as it may be a wiser investment in the long run. But, for those who want to consider the retrofitting option, this is how it can be done.

Can I Convert R22 Refrigerant System to R410A?

When retrofitting your refrigerant system you will need to ensure the refrigerant lines are the proper length. For the R-410A refrigerant system, the line must be between 25 to 50 feet in total distance. Additionally, the line must be flushed and cleaned out. R-22 refrigerant leaves behind a mineral oil and other contaminants. The entire system must be cleaned and this will include the filter driers, the condenser, and evaporator. Essentially, all of the components the refrigerant travels through will need to be flushed and cleaned. After the system has been cleaned, the technician will need to purge the system with nitrogen, removing any chemical or contaminants that may be left in the system. A new filter drier and refrigerant line will be installed if needed, and then the air conditioner will be recharged with R-410A refrigerant.

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There is a long and intense process of retrofitting an air conditioner with new refrigerant, however it can be done. If you wish to retrofit your air conditioner or replace an old air conditioning system, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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