What Happens if I Avoid HVAC Maintenance in Desert Shores, NV? Furnace Problems & More

We can all start to feel the shift in the air as fall starts to approach. The heat isn’t quite as oppressive as it used to be a month ago. This has many homeowners starting to turn off their AC systems and get their heating systems ready to keep them warm this winter. This is the perfect time to have an annual maintenance appointment to ensure that your furnace is working the way that it should. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about several furnace problems that can be avoided when you have your furnace maintained annually.

Common Furnace Problems Avoided with Preventive Maintenance

When you have your furnace serviced, there are several problems that can be detected in that appointment before they become bigger problems later. Here are some of the most common issues that can be caught early on when homeowners have their furnace maintained properly in the fall:
– Pilot Light Problems: If your furnace isn’t turning on, there are a number of different issues that could be causing it. One of them has to do with the pilot light. If the pilot light is malfunctioning, there is no way for the furnace to work. This is a problem that is easily caught during maintenance.
– Strange Heating Noises: When your furnace is making strange noises as it tries to kick on to heat your home, there is more than likely something wrong that needs to be addressed. Often, this is a loose or broken part or a belt that needs to be replaced. A technician will catch this right away when they turn on your furnace to check it out while maintaining it.
– No Heat: The last thing you need is a furnace that won’t generate any heat. This happens quite often for homeowners when they haven’t had their furnaces on for the spring and summer season. There could be debris that is blocking the exhaust vent or there could be a blockage in your flue pipe. Sometimes, the filter is so dirty that it isn’t allowing your furnace to get the airflow it needs to work properly. All of this will be discovered during the thorough inspection of your furnace during maintenance.
– Cracked Heat Exchanger: One of the most serious issues you can have with your furnace is a cracked heat exchanger. This allows carbon monoxide to leak into the home and poses a serious danger to the health and safety of your family. Luckily, this can be discovered during a maintenance appointment as well.

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If you haven’t turned on your furnace for the season yet, you aren’t alone. However, it is definitely time to start getting your furnace ready for winter. At Hal Mechanical, we can help ensure it is ready to go so that when the temperature plummets, you are ready. You can count on our team to make sure you’re warm this winter. Call us today!

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