What Causes Hot & Cold Spots in My Aliante, NV House & How to Fix with an AC Inspection, Repairs & More

These last couple months of summer can be tough as we are looking for some reprieve from the heat of the summer. Nothing is worse than an AC system that isn’t evenly cooling your home. It isn’t an uncommon problem for homeowners to experience hot and cold areas within their homes. This common problem can be solved though with the right tools. Hal Mechanical is here to share some tips to help you avoid hot and cold spots in your home this summer.

Keep AC Vents Open

For your AC system to the job of cooling your home, all of the vents in your home need to be opened. Not only can you experience hot and cold areas in your home when they are cold, but it can also be hard on your system that was designed with a certain number of vents in mind to disperse the cooled air. You should check to make sure they are open and that no furniture or other debris are sitting on top of them which can also make it impossible for the air to escape into the home.

Clean & Change Air Filter

The air filter on your unit plays a role in keeping your home evenly cooled as well. If your air filter is dirty, it leaves your unit working much harder than it has to cool your home. Even with it working harder, you may not be getting the cooling results that you are looking for and end up with hot and cold areas. This can also lead to early AC failure as well.

Calculate Correct Size of AC You Need

Many people don’t realize how important the size of your AC unit is to the effective cooling of your home. Without the right sized unit, you could easily have hot and cold areas in your home. If there are areas in your home that are much warmer than they should be during the summer, it could that you are dealing with an undersized unit and aren’t getting enough air pushing out of the vents in some areas further away from the unit. This is why it is so important to work with a professional when choosing and installing a new unit in your home.

Run Ceiling Fans

You may not realize what a big difference a ceiling fan can make in the comfort level in your home. It can help to move the air around and leave your room feeling up to 5 degrees cooler than it actually is. If you have ceiling fans, don’t be afraid to use them.

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If you are struggling with hot and cold areas in your home, leave it up to the professionals at Hal Mechanical to figure out why. We can come and give your system a close inspection as we work to diagnose and then solve your cooling struggles. Call us today!

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