What Can Ruin an AC Unit in Spring Valley, NV? Neglecting Air Conditioner Maintenance & More

Our increasing reliance on air conditioning to maintain comfortable living conditions in our homes can lead to some common errors, which often results in premature wear and tear of the cooling unit. Many homeowners often assume that setting their thermostat to one single temperature is fine for the unit, but this is far from accurate. Hal Mechanical would like to go into some of the most common cooling mistakes that could potentially cause early damage to your air conditioning system. There are some common mistakes that often causes a lot of stress on your air conditioning system that should be avoided. To ensure that your air conditioner operates at maximum efficiency, you should steer clear of these mistakes.

Not Updating Thermostat System

One major error homeowners frequently make is having an old or outdated thermostat. These devices don’t provide the same level of efficiency as modern thermostats. Modern thermostats, even the simplest models, allow for weekly schedules with their timers, that automatically regulate the temperature. Sticking to a constant temperature setting throughout the day could result in excessive strain and wear on your air conditioning unit. During periods when the house is unoccupied, setting the thermostat slightly higher can reduce some of the pressure on the air conditioner. If the house is occupied around the clock, consider raising the night-time temperature setting, as the temperature doesn’t need to be excessively low due to the cooler night-time conditions.

Neglecting Air Conditioning Maintenance

Neglecting regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit is another mistake committed by homeowners. Basic upkeep tasks are essential to prevent your air conditioner from developing issues. For instance, regularly changing your air filters is critical. A dirty air filter can trigger numerous problems, many of which can lead to severe damage. Always ensure your air filters are replaced promptly. Many homeowners overlook the importance of annual air conditioner tune-ups and regular maintenance. Air conditioning units that receive yearly tune-ups tend to have a longer lifespan and encounter fewer problems compared to those that are neglected. Make it a point to schedule a yearly maintenance check for your air conditioner by an HVAC professional.

Not Using Ceiling Fans

Lastly, failing to utilize ceiling fans is another common mistake. Some homeowners assume ceiling fans are an additional burden on their electricity bill. However, this is a common misconception. Ceiling fans can help lower indoor temperatures by a few degrees, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioner. Additionally, the cost of operating a ceiling fan is quite economical. Therefore, if your home is equipped with ceiling fans, make sure to turn them on in occupied areas, your air conditioner will indeed appreciate this gesture.

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It is important to properly maintain and do what you can to help your air conditioning system out. Especially, here in Nevada we have some intense summers with very hot days and warm nights. To ensure your air conditioning system is running efficiently be sure to schedule an air conditioning tune-up if you haven’t done so yet. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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