What Can Go Wrong with an Air Handler in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? Frozen Evaporator Coils & More

One of the more common types of cooling systems is a split central air conditioner. A split central air conditioning system has two different units. The outdoor unit is the condenser and the indoor unit is the air handler or often referred to as the evaporator unit. Each unit houses major components that will develop its own types of problems. Hal Mechanical would like to put the focus on the air handler and share some of the common problems that the indoor unit often develops and how to repair the air conditioning system.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

One of the air handler’s primary components is the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils can develop a few different problems. One common issue that develops is ice. When ice develops on the evaporator coils, this can point to a few different problems. One cause may be the evaporator coils are dirty. Evaporator coils can develop a grimy like substance which is a combination of moisture, dust and other particles that have built up on the coils. The coils will need to be cleaned to prevent ice from building on the coils. Another problem that can cause ice to form is dirty air filters or a refrigerant leak. Check the air filters and change them if they are dirty. A refrigerant leak will need to be located and repaired by a professional HVAC technician.

AC Blower Motor Failure

Another major component is the blower and its motor. The blower or its motor will start up when the air has been cooled and is ready to be circulated through the home. The blower and the motor can develop problems that will reduce the air flow to the inside of the home. The blower can become dirty which will slow down the fan rotation. The motor can wear out or overheat which will slow down the blower’s fan or prevent the fan from moving. The fan will need to be cleaned to prevent the dust from building up. To reduce the stress on the blower and the motor, the fan needs to be cleaned and lubricated to promote a healthier fan and for better air circulation. The motor to the blower can eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Often it will make loud noises when it overheats and binds up. If a piece breaks off, it will bounce around and make a rattling or banging noise. It is not a surprise if the blower motor needs to be replaced once during the life of the air conditioning system.

Dirty Air Filter

Even though it is not a mechanical component the registers are a vital piece of the cooling system. The register is the gate where the indoor air passes through and enters through the indoor unit. The registers hold the air filters in place. The air filters capture all of the dust and other particles that are inside the home. It is important that the dust and particles in the home do not enter the air handler. For this reason it is important to maintain and change out air filters every one to three months. The air filter will determine how healthy your air handler will be. To prevent a number of problems that can occur with the air handler start with keeping air filters in the registers replaced as needed.

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