What are the Common Causes of Air Conditioner Failures in North Las Vegas, NV? Short Cycling & More

During the summer season we run our air conditioning all day and night. Throughout the cooling season the air conditioner will begin to wear down. It is strongly encouraged to have the air conditioner unit tuned-up sometime during the spring season which will help prepare the air conditioner unit for the cooling season. However, over time the air conditioner will develop problems as it ages and often the same common problems will emerge. Hal Mechanical would like to share some of the common problems and the symptoms that air conditioners will develop. This will help you seek the proper repairs before major issues occur.

AC Unit Making a Loud Noise

One common sign of air conditioner failure is when it begins to make loud and abnormal noises. It is normal to hear a humming sound when the air conditioner is running. However, if your air conditioner develops more unusual noises this is a sign there is a problem. An air conditioner will develop a number of different noises that often point to a specific problem such as:
• Screeching – When metal is rubbing on metal due to a loose component.
• Clanging – When a screw or bolt has come loose and is now bouncing inside the unit.
• Hissing – When there is a refrigerant leak.
• Buzzing – When there is an electrical problem.
• Whistling – A loud whistling sound points to a leak in the air duct or a dirty air filter.
If you hear any of these noises there is a problem that needs attention. Do not ignore noises as sometimes the air conditioner needs immediate attention and the problem can become worse.

Why is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

Another common problem an air conditioner will develop is trouble cooling down the home. A cooling problem again can mean a number of different problems such as:
• Poor cooling can mean a refrigerant leak
• A damaged compressor or fan motor.
• Dirty air filters or coils.
When your air conditioner isn’t cooling the home it is important to investigate the problem. Not only will the home be warm and uncomfortable, but your power bill will also increase, and the health of the air conditioner will be compromised. Poor cooling is a sign that there is a problem. To ensure the health and longevity of the cooling system, make sure to seek proper repairs.

What Causes Short Cycling in Air Conditioning?

Another common problem and symptom of an air conditioner failure is when the unit short cycles. Short cycling is when the air conditioner starts up and then shuts down before finishing the cooling process. Short cycling can be caused by:
• Oversized air conditioner.
• Overheating which triggers a shut down.
• Thermostat misplacement.
Short cycling can reduce the life of an air conditioner, increase your power bill, and not cool down the home. To determine why the air conditioner is short cycling seek out the assistance of a professional HVAC service.

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When your air conditioner develops any of these common problems and failures, be sure to seek professional HVAC services. To prevent problems with your air conditioner make sure to perform basic maintenance and have your air conditioner tuned-up once a year. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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