What Affects AC Efficiency in The Lakes, NV? Wrong A/C Unit Size, Not Servicing A/C Unit Every Year & More

There are a few mistakes that people make in their homes when it comes to their AC. Often these mistakes are because you think it would help cool your home but it does not. Or maybe that is how you grew up and that is what your parents did, so you think that is what you are supposed to do. Hal Mechanical wants to help you learn what these mistakes are so you can avoid doing them and help keep your AC lasting and working for a long time.

It is Not Better to Get a Bigger AC Unit than You Need?

You do not want to go out and get the biggest AC you can find. You might think it will help your house be the temperature you want and it will work better, but it doesn’t. When you get a system that’s too large it will short cycle. This means it will turn on and off in rapid succession and never actually complete a full cooling cycle. This is bad because it won’t achieve the home comfort you want and are looking for when you bought the biggest AC unit. Short cycling will accelerate the wear and tear on your cooling system which will then lead to premature breakdown and replacement.

It is Not Better to Keep Ceiling Fans Running when Not at Home

Ceiling fans are nice to have going when you are home. They can help make your home not feel so hot. But ceiling fans only move air around. They do not lower the temperature of the room. When you are not home to feel the cooler air move around, you are just wasting energy. And you are spending money for the ceiling fans to run and have it not do anything to help cool down the house for the thermostat to notice a difference.

It is Not OK to Close Vents in Unused Rooms

Unless you have a zone control system, your AC isn’t designed to handle cooling one area and not another. When you close vents in some rooms and leave other ones open this will make your AC system work overtime to cool the rest of your home. This can increase air pressure throughout your home’s duct system. Which can damage and cause issues with your AC. It can end up having mold growth, air ducts to get leaks, or even burst or end up damaging the compressor. So, always leave all of your air vents open.

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These three things are very common mistakes that people do in their homes. By avoiding doing these things you can help your AC work better and last longer. If you have any more questions about your AC and how to help make your home cooler and better, give Hal Mechanical a call. We are happy to assist you with any of your AC problems or questions. We will come out and check out what is going on with your AC and get it fixed, getting you back to having a cool house.

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