Signs You Need a New Furnace in Summerlin, NV; High Operating Costs, Age of Heating System & More

When a furnace needs to be replaced it will often provide some signs or clues. Furnaces are a major investment that most homeowner’s will put off as long as possible. Knowing when the time comes to replace the furnace for many of us is when it stops working completely. However, if you wait until this point your home may be without heat for days or even weeks. It takes time to order in a furnace and the equipment to have it installed. Instead of being without a furnace for too long, Hal Mechanical will share some common warning signs that tell you that you should begin to consider replacing your home’s furnace.

High Furnace Operating Cost

One common sign that you may want to replace your furnace soon, is increasing cost. A furnace can increase in cost in a couple of ways. One is the cost of repairs. As a furnace ages it’s components will begin to wear down or break down. As a result, you will have a number of furnace repair bills you will need to pay to keep the heating system running. The second increasing cost is your heating bill. As components begin to wear down the furnace isn’t as efficient. When the furnace costs more to run and begins to cost you in expensive repairs, you may find the money better spent on a new, more efficient furnace.

Age of Furnace

Even when a furnace seems to be running effectively, its age can help clue you that a future replacement will be needed. A furnace can easily last 15 years or longer with proper maintenance. However, once a furnace reaches 15 years of seasonal use, the furnace will begin to wear down. Most scenarios are that an older furnace will begin to develop problems and need costly repairs. Additionally, older furnaces are not built nearly as efficient as modern day furnaces. When you have an older furnace you are paying more on your bill and you can expect cost in repairs. If you are able, replace the furnace before it breaks down and replace it with a modern heating system. You will save money in the long run.

Noisy Furnace

When a furnace begins to make a lot of noise such as grinding, screeching, or even rumbling, the furnace is developing a major problem. Depending on the cause of the noise, the furnace may be losing a major component. The louder the noise, typically the bigger the problem. Major component repair or replacement can become very expensive. When noise begins to develop you will want to have the furnace inspected. If a major problem is discovered, weigh out the cost of the repair and see if it wouldn’t be a wiser investment to have the furnace replaced.

Heating Fuel Types

For many people the desire to replace the furnace is not always due to damages nor the age, but the fuel source. For some people they may be spending more money each month because of the fuel they need to power the furnace. For those with an electrical furnace they will pay more money than those that use a gas furnace. When you want to redesign your heating system for a more efficient heating fuel source, you will need to replace the furnace and install the fuel supply.

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