Problems with an Oversized Furnace in Paradise, NV; Uneven Heat, Short Cycling, Less Efficient & More

Do you need to have your furnace replaced? When replacing a furnace you may be tempted to invest in a bigger unit. A bigger unit means faster heat and lower costs, right? There are a lot of misconceptions about an oversized furnace being a good idea. In most cases, an oversized furnace causes more problems that most people realize. If you need to have a furnace replaced, Hal Mechanical would like to share the dangers of an oversized furnace and why you should invest in the right size furnace.

Uneven Heat Distribution

For those who have ever experienced having an oversized furnace, they can tell you firsthand about the uneven heat distribution. An oversized furnace will heat up certain areas of the home too quickly and will leave other areas cold. Not only does an oversized furnace heat unevenly, but the hot spots are also too hot and is rather uncomfortable. Where uneven heat distribution may not sound like a major issue, for those who have ever experienced it, they will tell you they hate it and often regret having an oversized furnace for this reason alone. However, there are a number of issues with an oversized unit.

Less Heating Efficiency

One of the biggest myths about having an oversized furnace is that it will save you heating cost. However, this is not true. When you have an oversized furnace, your heating system is actually far less efficient. A furnace never does reach its peak efficiency levels until after it has gone through its warm up phase. An oversized furnace never gets the opportunity to go beyond its warm up phase. That is because when the furnace is too big, it creates a burst of heat and will then quickly shut down. Basically, it is like revving up a car engine constantly. With an oversized unit, you are actually spending more money heating your home and it is not even being heated properly.

Shorter Furnace Lifespan

When you decide to have an oversized furnace, you not only have just spent more money on a bigger unit, but you will, in the end, replace the furnace much earlier than normal. Due to the frequent heating cycles, and the fact the furnace rarely gets past its warm up phase, an oversized furnace experiences a lot of stress. It never runs properly, and as a result, often an oversized furnace will have a much shorter lifespan.

Short Cycling Furnace

It is very common for an oversized furnace to have short cycle issues. Short cycling is when the furnace starts up and then quickly shuts down. Short cycling is a problem as the home will never properly heat up inside. Short cycling can cause uneven heating. However, short cycling is a result that the furnace is overheating. That is because when the furnace is too big, it creates too much heat that is not being used. The furnace remains too hot inside as the heating cycle ends before the blower has had time to remove all of the heat. When heat remains left behind, as the furnace turns back on, you will have overheating and short cycling problems.

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These are but a few of the common problems when you decide to have an oversized furnace. You will find it is much better to get the right size furnace. To ensure you get the right size furnace and quality installation, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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