Is it Cheaper or Better to Heat Your House with a Gas or Electric Furnace in North Las Vegas, NV?

Even though Vegas isn’t covered in snow during the months of January and February, it doesn’t mean that the temperatures aren’t cold. We still need to have a furnace to keep us warm for a few months out of the year. If it’s time to replace your current furnace or you’re building a new house and wondering whether you should put an electric or gas furnace in it, you may not know which one to choose. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about the pros and cons to both so that you can make the best decision for your home.

Is it More Expensive to Heat with Gas or Electric?

The cost that is associated with a gas or electric furnace are quite different and is usually something that most people are concerned with. You have to think about the cost of these two appliances in two different ways, the cost to purchase and the cost to operate. The purchase price of an electric furnace is usually lower than a gas furnace. However, when it comes to operating costs, you will pay more for an electric furnace over a gas powered one. If you live in a warmer place that doesn’t rely on the heating system in your home as much as a place that gets severe winter weather, maybe you don’t care as much about operating costs. There are some places that don’t have gas readily available either.

Do Gas Furnaces Last Longer than Electric Furnaces?

When it comes to longevity, there are differences in these two types of furnaces as well. When you put a gas powered furnace in your home, you can plan to get about 20 years out of it when it is regularly maintained. They are going to more than like have little parts that will need to be replaced here and there throughout their lifespan as well. With an electric furnace, it should last much longer than that, and they usually require little to no maintenance either.

Which is Safer & Better for Health; Gas or Electric Furnace?

Another aspect of these two furnaces that needs to be considered is health. Everyone wants their home to be as healthy as possible. While natural gas is a pretty clean burning fuel, it still does leave behind it a carbon footprint as it releases methane gas into the air. Another problem that can arise with a gas powered furnace is carbon monoxide. It needs to be checked regularly to make sure there isn’t a crack in the heat exchanger to ensure there is no carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Having carbon monoxide detectors in your home is also a must with a gas furnace.

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In Las Vegas, many people have a gas furnace in their home. When it comes to maintaining and repairing your gas furnace, there is no one that will do a better job than the pros at Hal Mechanical. We will make sure you get as many years as possible out of your furnace when you rely on us for maintenance. Call us today!

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