Is a Heat Pump More Efficient than Central Air Conditioner & Furnace Cooling & Heating in Seven Hills, NV?

Do you have a heat pump or a condenser? Most people don’t know the difference between the two types of units. An air conditioning condenser and a heat pump are types of central air conditioning systems. A central air conditioning system and heat pump use two separate units and one is the air handler which is the indoor unit. The air handler is often located in the attic, basement or in a designated closet. The seconded unit would be either the condenser or a heat pump. It is important to know which one you have to better troubleshoot problems when they occur. Hal Mechanical would like to share the differences between a heating pump and a condenser unit to better help homeowners know more about their home’s HVAC system.

Condenser VS Heat Pump Operation

Both a heat pump and condenser are types of central HVAC systems. They both use air from outside to cool and circulate throughout the home. However, a heat pump is different as it can reverse the direction of the air flow and transfer heat from a specific source to raise the temperature to another. This is done by utilizing a reversing valve built into the heat pump compressor. A condenser unit relies on an electric resistant heating strip that is located in the air handler, unless they have a gas furnace unit for the heating system. While a heat pump is different from a condenser, they both use a compressor to compress the refrigerant turning it into a gas. Next the gas travels through the coils changing the temperature of the gas. Once cool, the gas is then sent to the evaporator coil inside the air handler where the excess moisture is removed and cooled again before it is sent through the ductwork and into the home. The biggest difference between a condenser and heat pump is that a heat pump can cool and heat while a condenser can only cool. To heat, it requires a furnace.

Are Heat Pumps More Efficient at Heating or Cooling?

Both homeowners and the federal government is looking for ways to better manage and reduce energy consumption. As many people well know, an HVAC system requires a lot of power which is why it is important to seek a central HVAC system that is efficient. Many people when needing to replace there central HVAC system will look and compare a heating pump and a condenser. However, when it comes to energy consumption and the cost of cooling or heating your home, they are about the same. Even so, you may want to consider the longevity of the two units. They are both built well. However, due to the design of a heating pump, this unit will work all year long. Units, like a condenser, that have a furnace will take on heating the home during the winter. The heating pump tends to wear down faster and needs a bit more repairs if it is not properly maintained.

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