How to Tell if Your Furnace or Boiler Heating System is Dying & Needs Replacement in Tuscany Village, NV

Homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley and in Southern Nevada often use either a furnace or boiler heating system. These heating systems usually last between 15 to 30 years. Longevity is often determined by the care the heating system received. When the time comes for the heating system to be replaced, often certain signs or symptoms will emerge. Hal Mechanical will share the signs of a dying heating system and what to expect when replacing the home’s heating system.

Why is My Gas Bill So High this Winter?

When either a furnace or boiler begins to fail, they often must work harder and longer. Essentially, the heating system has poor performance and it lacks efficiency, which often reflects on the heating bill. As a boiler and furnace can be fueled by gas, propane or electricity, utilities can vary. In Las Vegas, NV most homes run on a central forced air gas furnace system. When the heating bill is much higher than normal, or continues to increase even after maintenance, frequently the heating system is on its way out. When heating bills increase, first have the heating system inspected. At the same time, you can have it serviced. Often an experienced HVAC technician can determine the state of the system and let you know if a future replacement is needed.

Furnace or Boiler Makes Loud Noise

Once a heating system begins making banging, rattling, grinding or squeaking noises, then usually this is a sign that the heating system may be aging and eventually will require replacements. As a boiler of furnace ages they will develop odd and often loud noises which can be caused by a broken component, loose screws and bolts, or is a component breaking down. In some cases, a component can be replaced or repaired. However, some can be very expensive. In many situations, it makes more sense to replace an old and dying unit versus replacing parts.

Frequent Repairs to Heating System

When a homeowner finds their heating system is in need of repairs more than once a year, the unit is reaching the end of its life. Repairing and replacing a heating system can lead to higher cost than simply replacing the heating system. When a heating system, either a boiler or furnace, is aging to the point of constant repairs, it may be time for a total replacement. Essentially, modern heating system is far more efficient and in the end will save more money through the monthly savings alone. Consult with your HVAC technician. Inquire about the unit’s age and what future repairs to expect. An honest technician can help determine if it is wiser to replace the heating system versus investing in more repairs.

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When considering replacing your home’s heating system, it is recommended you have the heating system inspected. The inspection can help determine if the heating system, whether it is a boiler or furnace, is nearing the end of its life and if replacement will be beneficial. Hal Mechanical can perform inspections for both furnaces and boilers. We can determine proper unit sizing. With a modern heating system you can expect higher performance from units and future savings. For quality heating and cooling services and more, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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