How Long Should a Properly Sized Furnace Run & How to Stop Short Cycling in North Las Vegas, NV

When you put a furnace in your home that isn’t a good fit, it can cause a big problem known as short cycling. However, this can become a problem even if you have a furnace that has been correctly fit to your house. There are some other issues that can leave your furnace constantly turning off and on which is hard on the unit. When you experience short cycling, it is important that you get to the bottom of the cause so that you can find a solution. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the other causes for this damaging problem.

What is the Most Common Cause of Furnace Short Cycling?

The most common cause for short cycling in a furnace is when the furnace isn’t the right size for the house it is trying to heat. However, this isn’t the only reason someone. Might struggle with this problem. Following are some of the other reasons your furnace might be having this problem:
– Dirty Filter: If you haven’t changed the filter in your furnace for a while, it might be the cause of short cycling. A dirty furnace doesn’t allow air to flow into the furnace properly. This can lead to overheating and safety mechanisms in place will shut down the furnace very time it sense it getting too hot.
– Blocked Flue: There are some animals that will get into the flue of your furnace and build their nests. The flue is responsible for letting all the byproduct from running your furnace vent out to the outdoor air. If this is blocked, the flue gases will start to build up inside the system. The flue limiter will then work to shut off the furnace immediately to keep your home safe.
– Corroding Flame Sensor: The flame sensor works to detect the important flame inside your furnace that lights the gas on fire. If there is no flame, the furnace will shut down as this can cause gas to start to build up inside the furnace and become dangerous. When there is dust built up or corrosion, even when there is a flame, the furnace can’t sense it and will not allow the furnace to heat.
– Damaged Igniter: Most modern furnaces have a hot surface igniter rather than a pilot light that is always lit. If this ignition system is malfunctioning for any reason, the furnace will shut down to make sure there is no gas building up inside the system. Again, this is a safety feature built into your furnace.

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Short cycling is something that you want to have looked at right away as it can be extremely harmful to your furnace. You can turn to Hal Mechanical to get to the bottom of whatever is causing your furnace to short cycle. We want to keep you warm this winter. Call us today!

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