How Do You Know if a Furnace Control Board is Bad & Needs to Be Replaced in Summerlin North, NV?

Running into furnace problems when you turn it on for the first time in the late fall is the last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with. Your furnace is an important part of staying comfortable throughout the winter. Without it working properly, you are sure to be miserable. One of the parts of your furnace that is essential to its function is the control board. If this part starts to fail, you will be in a world of hurt. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about the control board and explain what to look for that indicate there is a problem with it.

Where is the Furnace Control Board Located?

If you don’t know what the control board is in your furnace, you aren’t alone. This part is one that many people don’t think much about until there is a problem with it. The control board is the brain of your furnace. It tells the parts when they should turn on or off. It controls the temperature in your home. It even is in charge of ensuring your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. The circuit board is usually located in the furnace’s blower chamber near the bottom of the unit. This is where the circulation blower fan motor is mounted.

How Do I Know if My Furnace Circuit Board is Bad?

For most people, they will never have to face a control board replacement. This part can last the life of the furnace if your furnace is maintained properly. However, a control board issue is still something that can go wrong. A common cause for control board failure is moisture. This board is filled with circuits and wires. When there is water present, it can cause the control board to short circuit and sustain damage. Here are some signs that the control board is struggling in your furnace.
– Blinking Lights: There are lights on your furnace that are there to alert you of any problem that the furnace is having. If it isn’t working properly, you could notice that the LED lights on the furnace start to blink. Blinking lights is something that you should never ignore. If you notice there is a light that is flashing, get to the bottom of the problem right away.
– Interruption of Function: When your furnace kicks on, there is a series of parts that will start working at the exact moment they are needed. When the control board is having issues, this doesn’t happen like it should. There may be some parts that are turning on when others should be or some that won’t work all together. If you notice that there is an interruption of function with your furnace, you could be dealing with control board issues.

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If you have a furnace that isn’t running properly, you can turn to Hal Mechanical to get to the bottom of it. It doesn’t matter what problem you’re having, we will be able to properly diagnose it and work toward a solution. If you have control board issues, this is something that we can absolutely fix. Call us today!

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