How Do You Cool a Room Addition in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Upgrade to a Larger AC Unit or Install New System?

When a homeowner needs more living space, they will often add a room or extend out the exterior walls to create a bigger indoor space. When you invest in this type of renovation, there is a lot to consider including your HVAC system. More cooling space will require adjustments to be made to your existing cooling and heating system. Hal Mechanical would like to share your HVAC options when you are doing an add-on renovation.

Cooling & Heating Options for an Addition

When you invest in a major remodel project, such as a new wing or even a simple room addition, you succeed in creating more living space. More living or indoor space means your HVAC system will now need to cool and heat that additional space. You will need to upgrade your current HVACV system if it cannot handle the additional heating or cooling space. Additionally, you will need to determine how you plan to bring the cool or warm air to that new space. There are three more possible options. You can extend your current system, upgrade to a larger unit, or install an independent system for the new space.

How to Extend My AC to New Room?

One of the simpler options is to extend your current heating and cooling system. To make sure it is the better choice offer, you will want to take a few steps. You will need to have the load calculation of your current system performed first as well as an energy audit. You will want to consult with an HVAC professional to test your current HVAC system and make sure it can handle the additional space. Additionally, the air duct system will need to be inspected and make sure they can be adjusted and new ductwork added. The home air-balance and air flow will also need to be evaluated. If possible, extending your current system is the fastest and easiest choice you have.

Upgrade HVAC System

f your current HVAC system cannot handle the new load or space, the next option is to upgrade your unit. You will need a larger heating and cooling system to provide the needed air for the addition. The ductwork will still need to be redesigned and added to make sure the air gets to the addition. Again, consult with a technician to help you calculate the proper size HVAC system for your home and the new addition. It is important that you get the right unit for the indoor space.

Install New, Separate HVAC System

The final option is to install an independent cooling and heating system. There are a number of independent system to choose from. You can have a heat pump installed with its own ductwork, or even install a Ductless HVAC system. The ductless systems are designed for one room and if you have multiple rooms or space you may have added, you will need a unit for each addition.

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Renovations like room additions will change your HVAC system. If you need help figuring out your best HVAC option for your addition, or have need for HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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