How Do I Protect My Air Conditioner from Pets in Lone Mountain Village, NV? Control Pet Hair in Air & More

In order to void damage or injuries, people are usually pretty on top of having their home pet ready. We find that few consider the HVAC system care when pets are in the home, with their good intentions, however. The HVAC system can suffer if not properly maintained due to pet fur/hair and pet dander adding to the dirt and debris. For families that have pets, there are a few tips for the care your HVAC system needs that we at Hal Mechanical would like to share today to help you avoid an unnecessary strain on the system.

Control Pet Hair in the Air

In the filters, ducts and other HVAC system equipment, pet hair or fur is deposited and collected since your furry pets are constantly shedding. Brush the pets outdoors and ensure you are vacuuming every day or two to help manage the never-ending pet fur, whenever possible. In addition, for their well-being but for the HVAC system’s health as well, your pet should be frequently groomed as well. To help control the control the natural and healthy process of pet’s shedding, make certain that pets are regularly bathed and brushed, no matter if you do it yourself or have a professional.

Change or Clean Air Filters Often

Depending on the home’s circumstances, experts recommend changing or cleaning the air filters every 4-8 weeks. When pets are part of the equation, the filters quickly fill with pet dander, fur and other debris. Rinse out the reusable filters and frequently change. The HVAC system’s performance is reduced when the filters are overburdened with the pet dander and other debris that decreases airflow.

Invest in Air Duct Cleaning

Along with dust and debris will still flow into the ducts and slowly deposit, despite your cleaning and hair control efforts, though it still helps, some of the pet dander and fur. The ducts become built up and constrict the airflow and reduce the indoor air quality, over time. You can improve efficiency of the system and the air quality.

Protect Outside AC Unit from Dog

Avoid urine contact. Though the potty-training phase in puppies and kittens can be difficult to protect the HVAC system from urine, adult males can be prone to marking their territory even after they have been neutered. Urination on the HVAC unit or equipment can pose a serious risk, no matter if they pee inside or out. Consider getting the outdoor unit fenced. Especially if they are attracted to the outdoor unit, be sure to keep a barrier around it when pets have unsupervised access to the backyard. You can prevent injury in addition to costly damages.

What Temperature Should I Set Thermostat for Dogs?

Pets tend to need different temperatures, though homes are regulated to have temperatures be in the high 60s or low 70s, and though this comfortable for people. You can reduce the energy usage and cost by adjusting the thermostat to accommodate the pets. Set the temperature in the mid-70s during the summer, and the temperatures in the mid-60s during the winter when you are not home for more than 2 hours.

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