How Do I Know if My AC Was Installed Correctly in Las Vegas, NV? What Should Be Done Before & After Installation?

Being a rather big investment, a new HVAC system is the third biggest purchase that most homeowners will ever make, after buying a home and a car. You might be tempted to go with the lowest quote an HVAC contractor gives you because of the price tag that comes with a new system. However, in these instances, you often get what you pay for. Also, there are some companies that have cut corners to reduce their expenses, though not all experts are guilty of this. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share some red flags you have had poor-quality installation.

What Should Be Done Before Installing the Air Conditioning Unit?

It is a good idea to get at least a few quotes if time permits so that you can compare companies before choosing an HVAC contractor to replace your current system. Generally, you want to choose a company that will deliver you the best long-term value. Below are some red flags to look for before installation.
1) Before giving you a quote for a new HVAC system, the company rep barely spends any time examining your home and its cooling issues, or worse, based on just a few pieces of information about your home, the company only offers you a quote over the phone.
2) Calls are not returned by the company.
3) You were not called about any possible delays that have come up unexpectedly, or the company doesn’t keep their appointment.
4) The company is not efficiently insured or licensed. Walking away before committing to the installation is the best foot forward. If they are not being dependable now, they are likely not going to be for future issues. You want to choose a contractor that has taken the time to inspect your current system and understand your home’s unique heating and cooling problems since this is a big investment. For any injuries on your property, you also don’t want to be held responsible. Working with licensed and insured companies is the best way to do this.

How to Know if Something is Wrong with AC After Installation

It is not until later those problems begin to emerge even when the entire sales and installation process can go smoothly. Unfortunately, this is another area where contractors will cut corners where a lot of care must go into an HVAC system installation. Below are some post-installation red flags to look for.
1) Performance is Poor. This is the most obvious red flag. There’s a problem if your new system is still giving you costly energy bills and creating hot and cold spots around the house.
2) Air Ducts are Pinched-Off. They can be curved and arranged as needed since air ducts are light and flexible. It is going to restrict airflow through your system if they’re bent too far or pinched-off with straps.
3) Straps Bolted Into its Sides Hold the Indoor Unit. When suspended this way, it begins to buckle because the equipment is not designed to bear its own weight.
4) A Drip Leg or “Drip” is Missed on the Indoor Unit’s Gas Pipe. Having one for your furnace is a code requirement, and a drip leg is meant to catch moisture in a gas piping system.
5) Lines and Air Ducts Cause Obstructions. Your indoor HVAC unit needs to be easily accessible for servicing and your installation should be tidy, ideally. An unnecessary inconvenience and a possible tripping hazard is having lines and ducts strung across your path.

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