How Do I Know if My AC Refrigerant is Leaking in Eldorado, NV? Longer Cooling Cycles & More

Having a well running AC is a must in Las Vegas. When it comes to your AC, there are a number of different problems that you might encounter. A problem that is common for homeowners that have an aging system in their homes is a refrigerant leak. If your system doesn’t have the right amount of refrigerant, it won’t be able to work properly. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the signs that might be present if you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak in your AC unit.

Common Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

If your AC unit has a refrigerant leak, there will be some tell-tale signs that something is wrong. Here is what homeowners should watch for when they notice something is wrong with their cooling system:
– Indoor Discomfort: If your AC isn’t working properly, you are going to notice that your home isn’t staying as cool as it should be. When you start to feel uncomfortable, it might be due to the fact that there is a coolant leak and your AC is unable to keep up with the cooling demands of your home.
– Longer Cooling Cycles: You might also notice that your AC unit is staying on for longer periods of time as it struggles to cool your home. When your AC doesn’t have the right amount of coolant in the system, it will work harder to cool the house and will be staying on for longer periods of time.
– Warm Air from Vents: You shouldn’t ever feel warm air coming from the vents in your home when your AC is turned on. If you are feeling warm air, it is time to have a professional come and take a closer look at your AC unit to see if there is a refrigerant leak or other issue that needs to be addressed.
– Strange AC Sounds: If your AC is leaking coolant, there will likely be some strange sounds coming from the unit. It is normal for some sounds to be coming from your cooling system, but when you notice noises that you haven’t ever heard before, there is likely a problem. A refrigerant leak usually sounds like hissing or bubbling coming from the system.
– Ice Buildup on Refrigerant Lines: When there isn’t enough coolant in the refrigerant lines of your unit, there isn’t enough refrigerant to absorb the heat and ice will start to buildup on the refrigerant lines. This can bring the cooling process to a halt.
– Higher Energy Bills: Anytime you notice a spike in your energy bills, is should raise an eyebrow. This is usually due to the fact that your unit is working overtime to cool your home.

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