End of Summer AC Problems in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Tripping Circuit Breaker, Burned Out Motor & More

The fun summer is ending, school has started again, and the air is finally starting to get cooler. Well, except if you live in Las Vegas. You still may have a few more months of hot days. The temperature hasn’t cooled down quite enough to turn off your AC yet. Your AC has been running great all summer. But now you might be noticing you are starting to have some AC issues and wondering why. Yes, summer is coming to an end but you should still get your AC fixed if you are noticing problems. Hal Mechanical wants to help you understand why your AC could be acting up right now.

Low AC Refrigerant

Being that it was just the hot summer months and you were running your AC all day and night. Your AC can definitely be suffering from wear and tear. Because of that, it could start to develop a refrigerant leak, leading to low refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant can cause the evaporator coil to freeze which causes other components to have to work harder. This will eventually cause problems with your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Tripping Circuit Breaker

Did you know that your AC consumes so much energy it has its own circuit breaker? If your air conditioner has been running non-stop for at least 6 months, then you have used way more energy than you may know. As a result of all that power usage, it can trip the breaker due to too much strain on your AC system. You can always go and flip it back on, but if it keeps tripping then give Hal Mechanical a call to come and troubleshoot it for you.

Burned Out AC Motor

Just like any other motor that is being used all the time, an air conditioner fan motor can overheat if it works too hard. If it is not receiving the proper maintenance and care it could start to have problems. If your AC has been on and working for you all summer long, that is a lot of stress to put on it. That constant stress could cause the fan motors to burn out eventually, which then makes your air conditioner stop working.

Dirty Air Filters & Condenser Coils

Dirty air filters can lead to a dirty AC system. When you have a dirty AC system it cannot work effectively to cool your home. It will also run longer cycles, blow warm air, and then the coils can develop frost during operation. When all of that happens it could then cause your AC to break down completely. Keeping your air filters clean and changing them regularly could help you avoid quite a few problems with your air conditioning.

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Summer is such a fun time, but it can be exhausting for your air conditioner. Make sure you are taking care of it. If you are having problems, Hal Mechanical wants to help you get the problem fixed. We want to ensure that your AC system is ready to start next summer off without any problems. Call us for service today.

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