Does Cleaning a Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser Coil Help HVAC Efficiency in Las Vegas, NV?

An air conditioning system requires a lot of maintenance and care. With proper care you can effectively extend the life of your air conditioner and reduce and prolong the need for repairs. As there are a lot of components to an air conditioning system, one component in particular needs yearly deep cleaning and ongoing checks and cleaning by the homeowner, and that is the condenser coil. The condenser coil is on the outside of the condenser unit and is exposed to all of the dirt and debris from outside. It is important to promote good air flow to ensure the health of the air conditioning system. Hal Mechanical will share why it is important to keep the condenser clean.

Where is the AC Condenser Coil?

The condenser unit is the second air conditioning unit that is outside of the home. Most often the condenser unit is on the ground level. However, sometimes they may also be installed on the roof. The condenser unit has a section of fine fin blades along the side of the unit. These fine fins are the condenser coils that are housed inside the condenser. The condenser coils help cool the warm air from outside. If the coils are dirty they cannot absorb the heat from the air and the air flow will also become very restricted.

What Happens if Your Condenser Coil is Dirty & You Don’t Clean It?

When the condenser coil becomes dirty, the air flow is severely restricted. When the air flow is restricted it can add a lot more stress on the entire cooling system. As a result your air conditioning system will need to run more cooling cycles which increases your power bill. Another affect of dirty condenser coils is less cool air. Since the coils are covered with dirt and grime they cannot absorb the heat and aid in the cooling process. Even though your air conditioning system is running a cooling cycle, the home will not cool down. Once again this requires the cooling system to run more cycles and increasing your power bill. As the air conditioner runs more cycles, the air conditioning system will wear down faster. This will lead to many premature repairs. Repairs can become very costly and lead to a total air conditioner replacement. You can affectively extend the life of the condenser and air conditioning system simply by keeping the condenser coils clean.

How Do I Maintain My AC Condenser Coil?

To maintain clean coils you will first want to keep the surrounding area of the condenser unit clean. The surrounding two feet of the unit should be free of debris and vegetation. Next as the homeowner, you will want to check the condenser coils throughout the entire year and make sure they are clean. If they are not clean first try to remove the dirt and debris with a hose. Spray down the coils and see if you can clean them. If that fails they will need a chemical solvent and a coil cleaning brush to clean the coils. However, you can damage and bend the coil fin easily. If you are not sure how to safely clean the coils you will want to seek a professional HVAC service to clean the coils for you.

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If you had your air conditioner tuned up, you will not need to worry about a deep coil cleaning. During a routine tune-up the coils are cleaned and the homeowner will only need to do maintenance throughout the year. For an air conditioning tune-up or other cooling or heating services, contact Hal Mechanical.

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