Does Air Conditioning Make Air More Dry? Why Does My House Feel Humid with the AC On in Mountain’s Edge, NV?

A functioning AC provides some dehumidification as it cools, as most people know. In addition to any other issues such as inadequate cooling or hot spots, you may experience high levels of humidity in your home when this process is no longer working as well as it should. If you’re concerned about the high levels of humidity in your home, you should definitely contact Hal Mechanical for your Las Vegas home. With this in mind, we at Hal Mechanical would like to discuss the reasons your home may be cooling but it still seems abnormally muggy.

Does Air Conditioning Make the Air More Dry?

Absorbing heat from the indoor air and transporting it outside, lowering the temperature of the indoor air in the process is the principal job of a home air conditioning system. In addition to drawing moisture from the air, the air conditioner draws thermal energy to its evaporator coil. Along the coil, the moisture condenses and then drips down into a pan, where a pump removes it through a drain. It will make the air in a home a bit dryer since it is true that air conditioners have some dehumidifying properties.

Why is My House So Humid Even with Air Conditioning?

1) Evaporator Coils are Frozen: They are not able to perform their function when you have frost on your coils. From the outdoor unit, the evaporator accepts cold, liquid refrigerant and uses this is to cool the warm air that has been extracted from your home, and then return that cooled air to you. If they are covered in frost your coils can’t cool the air. Making your home seem muggy, your coils, therefore, will not dehumidify the air as much as they should.
2) Dust, Dirt & Debris: Your AC needs to be kept clean at all times, as with any mechanical system. Your system will nevertheless need to be professionally cleaned, over time when there is an air filter near your air handler that minimizes the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on sensitive components. It makes it difficult for them to dissipate heat into the outdoor, your outdoor condenser coils are subject to environmental conditions, and if they are in any way impaired by dirt or other materials in particular. The refrigerant cycle can be disrupted, resulting in higher temperatures and a lack of dehumidification.

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Generally, in the Las Vegas Desert, homeowners do not have to be overly concerned with humidity issues, but when it is felt, it can be concerning. As we mentioned, if you feel humidity in your home, though the air conditioner is seemingly cooling the home, you need a licensed professional to find the issue and rectify the problem to make your home cool and comfortable. A professional can help find the right solutions, whether it is a dehumidifier or other methods. If you are finding the need for air conditioning repairs, installations, replacements, or maintenance services in the Greater Las Vegas, NV Valley, call in the experts of Hal Mechanical for assistance.

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