Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser Problems in Winchester, NV; AC Not Cooling House & More

Many people don’t realize the many problems that can occur from a dirty air conditioning condenser. A dirty condenser damages the overall health of the air conditioner if left unchecked. Often during an HVAC tune-up and maintenance service, the condenser is inspected and if needed, it is cleaned. Many homeowners will not have their air conditioner properly maintained and leave the condenser to continually build-up dirt. Hal Mechanical will share what occurs when the condenser gets too dirty and why regular maintenance is essential for the HVAC system’s health.

How Does an Air Conditioning Condenser Unit Work?

The condenser is a major component of the HVAC system. The condenser is the component that converts the gas (the hotter air) into liquid. The refrigerant is essential as it is what converts the hotter air in the home into a liquid state. The liquid travels into the condenser coils which creates the cold air that is then circulated through the home. During this process, the condenser can develop condensation where the dirt can turn into a muddy like substance that will continue to build up on the condenser coils. If the coils become dirty the entire cooling system suffers leading to excessive wear on other components.

Dirty or Blocked AC Condenser Problems

When the condenser becomes dirty, a number of problems can occur that effects the entire cooling system and cycle. One of the first common effects of a dirty condenser is poor efficiency. The cooling system doesn’t work nearly as effectively. Efficiency can drop as much as 30%, resulting in additional stress. When the main cooling system isn’t working correctly, it will basically take longer to cool the inside of the home. Poor cooling efficiency has a number of consequences starting with an increased power bill. When the air conditioner works longer to cool down the home it will consume more power, resulting in a much higher power bill. However, an increased power bill isn’t the biggest threat. The biggest threat is premature component deterioration. The blower motor and other components will wear down faster the longer the air conditioner unit runs. If the condenser is so dirty the air conditioner is running longer periods of time, other components will begin to wear down faster. Repairing the air conditioner unit can begin to pile up in cost and eventually you will need to replace the entire unit. Repair and replacement can get very costly. You will be amazed on how much money a dirty condenser can cost the homeowner.

Signs of a Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser

Since the condenser is located outside, not everyone is checking to see if their condenser is dirty. One warning sign that the condenser is dirty is icy coils. The outdoor unit copper tube which is part of the coils will begin to ice up. This can help indicate the condenser needs to be cleaned. Other signs may also occur is you will notice the air conditioner unit running longer and taking longer to cool the inside of the home. You will also see an increase in your power bill.

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Dirty condensers can be avoided with regular maintenance. If you discover your condenser has gotten dirty during the summer season, have the condenser cleaned and the rest of the HVAC inspected. Contact Hal Mechanical to ensure your HVAC system is healthy and running efficiently all summer.

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