Can I Run My AC if it is Leaking Water in Winchester, NV? How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner from Spitting?

When people think about their AC unit, water isn’t something that comes to mind. However, when your AC works to cool your home, it is also removing humidity from the air inside your house. There is far more water involved in the process than most people realize. For this reason, there are several issues that can lead to water leaking from your system. Hal Mechanical is here to talk through some of the problems that can lead to water pooling around the AC unit in your house.

Common Issues that Cause an AC Unit to Leak Water

Some of the problems that lead to water leaking from your AC unit are able to be solved on your own without the help of an HVAC professional. Knowing how to troubleshoot these issues is key in keeping your home cool this summer. Here are some of the most common problems that lead to a leaking AC unit:
– Damaged Drain Pan: If you have an older unit, it isn’t uncommon for parts of the unit to start to show signs of wear and tear. Because the drain pan comes in contact with so much water, cracks and corrosion are common over time. As your unit removes water from the air, this water is expelled into a drain pan. If there is damage in this pan, it will cause water to leak from the unit.
– Clogged Drain Line: Once the water has made its way into the drain pan, it will then be drained away with the help of a condensate drain. Over time, dirt and debris can buildup in this line and cause a clog to form. If the water has no way of draining out of the pan, it can cause significant water to leak inside and around the unit. It can lead to problems with water damage to the unit as well as surrounding areas.
– Dirty Air Filter: It is important for homeowners to remember that the filter in their AC unit needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the AC unit is getting enough airflow to operate properly. If there isn’t enough airflow it can lead to ice buildup on the evaporator coils. As this ice starts to melt, it will more than likely start to pool up around the unit.
– Low Refrigerant: Technically, you shouldn’t have to put any refrigerant in your AC unit because the refrigerant is found inside a closed system that circulates the refrigerant over and over throughout the coils. With time, leaks can happen when refrigerant is leaking from the unit. This also leads to ice buildup around the evaporator coils.

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If you have checked all the problems listed above and can’t determine what is causing the water to leak from your unit or don’t know how to fix the problem, you can turn to Hal Mechanical to diagnose the problem and work to repair it for you. If your AC is leaking water, turn it off quick! Don’t let one problem lead to another, like soggy flooring and drywall or, even worse, mold and mildew. Call Hal Mechanical!

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