Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms in Aliante, NV; Delayed Air Conditioner Start & More

Your air conditioning unit is a huge part of living comfortably. It is there to keep the house cool in the heat of the summer and warm you up when the winter sets in. The unit is a major appliance and it requires maintenance and care to ensure that it is running correctly. There are lots of moving and working parts that need to be in good shape in order to ensure that the it runs adequately. If you choose to leave your unit all year long with no maintenance you may end up with damage that will require major repairs. The repairs that your unit may need could have been avoided many times when you have regular maintenance. One of the parts on your unit that may end up giving you some trouble is called the capacitor. It is a good idea to know what the signs are that it has gone bad. Hal Mechanical outlines how to tell that your air conditioning capacitor is going bad.

What is an Air Conditioning Capacitor?

There are lots of parts that are important to the air conditioning unit. One of the most important is the ability for the unit to get the power that it needs to run. This is where the capacitor comes into play. The capacitor is a small part of the unit that will send a boost of energy to the motor of the air conditioner. The initial boost is what is needed for the unit to get started. The other job that it has is to continue to feed energy to the motor while the unit is running. Without energy the motor would not be able to start and of course will not be able to run and cool your home.

Air Conditioner Delayed Start

When you are looking for the signs that your AC capacitor is going bad you can start with how well the unit is starting up. When the unit clicks on so that the air conditioner knows that it needs to run it will usually kick right on. If you hear the unit turn on but it does not start to blow air right away it could be a sign that the capacitor is bad. This is a slow starting unit and is often the sign of a bad capacitor.

Air Conditioner Humming & Buzzing Sounds

Another way that you can tell that your unit has a problem with the capacitor is when you start to hear a humming sound. This will normally come from the outside unit and is from the vibration that is being caused. The humming sound is a sign that it is going bad and you need to have it replaced before the unit stops working all together.

Who Repairs an Air Conditioner Capacitor

If you know that the unit has a bad capacitor you want to make sure that you call out a professional HVAC technician. The capacitor has to be replaced so that it is able to send the energy that is needed. They have the expertise and the tools to replace the piece and get you back on cooling your home.

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