AC Mistakes to Avoid in Aliante, NV; Not Calling an HVAC Contractor, DIY Refrigerant Sealers & More

Your air conditioner is more than capable of standing on its own when it comes to temperatures and the elements. Unfortunately when homeowners fiddle with the air conditioner they should not, it can cause more trouble than it does good. When it comes to air conditioner repair, there are a few things that you should never simply do and we at Hal Mechanical would like to share these things you should never do. Not only are these things recommended but we want to stress the importance of turning to the pros instead for undertaking the tasks.

Don’t Bypass HVAC Professionals

When it comes to the air conditioner, a good rule of thumb to follow is that it is always a good idea to avoid tasks you know you do not have the basic understanding of. Generally, anything can be an intrusion to an area that requires technical expertise, aside from replacing the air filter. Below are a few major examples.

Avoid Refrigerant Leak Sealers

A hissing or bubbling noise coming for your air conditioner can have several meanings. Usually, these noises indicate that there’s a refrigerant leak coming from somewhere in your air conditioner. You are poorly mistaken if in the event you are thinking to yourself that you can patch it up with the help of a few helpful DIY tutorials online. In addition to being harmful to your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin, refrigerant can be harmful to breathe in. You will likely cause more harm than good since not only is refrigerant harmful for inexperienced (not to mention unlicensed) people to work with. You can’t call it a day after using a little duct tape over your air conditioner’s refrigerant line. To make sure everything is done according to code, these jobs require specialized material and a well-trained eye. Call an expert to make sure the situation doesn’t get worse.

Thinking “I Fix My AC Condenser Unit Myself”!

When a targeted repair is needed, it may be tempting for some to remove the cover and tinker inside the system. Squealing coming from the air conditioner points to a ruptured belt. Many people figure this can be remedied by opening the cover and replacing the belt. There are a million red flags that arise the moment you put your hands inside your air conditioner. By opening it up and trying to repair it yourself, could be voiding your system’s warranty to begin with. The process of locating the problem and fixing it with the right tools is a very delicate procedure is another point. You could cause expensive damage to the system, perhaps even breaking it if you touch anything or bump a component you are not supposed to. When there are exists professionals, who do this for a living it is in your better interest to avoid the risk.

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Though there are some troubleshooting that homeowners can handle, it is best to contact a professional to take care of your air conditioning repairs. Call Hal Mechanical today for your Las Vegas, NV home’s air conditioning repairs.

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