Why Does My AC Condensate Drain Line Keep Clogging in Rhodes Ranch, NV? How to Clean & Unclog

The air conditioning system helps to remove heat and humidity from the home. The humidity collects as condensation. The air handler directs the condensation to the condensate pan and through a drainage system. The drainage system then leads the water away from the home. It is common for this drainage system to develop clogs which can lead to water leakage or interior water damages. Hal Mechanical would like to share why clogs form, how to determine if you have a clogged drain and what needs to be done to repair the problem.

Clogged AC Drain Line Clogs

The air conditioning system uses a similar drainage system as does the rest of your home. However, the condensate pan and drain are located inside the central air conditioning unit. The drainage system snakes out of the unit through the home where the water exits outside of the home. The drainage system is exposed to heat in the summer time. This combined with moisture and algae can begin to grow. It is also common for clumps of dirt, mildew, and algae to form which often results in a clog. Clogs can form anywhere in the drainage system. It is common to find the clog on the top of the drain and even at the bottom where dirt and debris can clog the exit hole.

Symptoms; How to Know if AC Drain Line is Clogged

It is important to detect a clog to prevent water damages from occurring. Most modern HVAC air handlers have a sensor system and with a shut down within the system to prevent flooding. When the air conditioning system shuts off randomly, inspect the condensate drain and see if there is any water present. If you have an HVAC system that is older or doesn’t have this feature, most often you will discover water stains on the ceiling under the central air conditioner. You may even notice the drain coming outside of the home having thick deposits of algae dripping out of the pipe.

How to Clean & Unclog AC Drain Line Clog

Depending on what causes the clog will often determine what method is best for clearing the clogs. The air handler will need to be located. In most cases it is in the attic. With a wet/dry shop or an air compressor the clog can be sucked out or forced out. It is recommended to seek professional assistance when clearing a clog. The drainage system can break under too much pressure. Therefore, you will want to avoid a break in the drainage line especially the pipe that is not easily reached. When clearing a clog the condensate pan is scrubbed clean and the drain should then be sucked clean, usually with air pressure to force the clog out. If the clog isn’t near the drainage hole then air pressure will be more effective. After clearing out the hole, or if you failed to remove the clog, try pouring a gallon of white wine vinegar into the drain. The vinegar can kill microorganisms such as mold or algae which will hopefully remove the clog.

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