Water Treatment

Water, in Las Vegas, as you know, is a vital commodity. Keeping it clean and potable for commercial use is highly important. At Hal Mechanical, our technicians are experts in chemical treatment programs, that insure boilers and cooling towers are properly protected. We will customize each treatment program to the needs of your business and any unique specifications associated. Our specially developed programs improve system reliability, efficiency, and safety. A well designed chemical treatment program coupled with regular maintenance will extend equipment life and decrease costs in the long run.

Benefits of a chemical treatment program

Water is naturally corrosive and over time can eat away at the inside of your equipment. Chemical treatment will abate corrosion thus reducing repair and replacement costs. The most important function of specifically boiler water treatment is scale control. Scale is the result of the feedwater precipitates in the boiler and they form a solid material known as sludge. Sludge accumulation on the boiler tubes and other surfaces inside the boiler bake into a hard deposit, which is scale. Scale directly affects the heat transfer ability of the boiler by decreasing the amount of heat transferred and increasing fuel consumption and operational costs.

Our water treatment services include: Cleaning and Maintenance, Chlorination, and Chemical.

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