What Does a Spring AC Tune Up Include in Spring Valley, NV? Is it Necessary to Service A/C?

Your AC is running great or at least it ran great last year during the summer. So why would you need a spring AC tune-up? There are many reasons why you need a tune-up and the spring is a perfect time to do that. Today, Hal Mechanical will go over why you need an AC tune-up in the spring.

Fewer Air Conditioner Breakdowns

Your air conditioner can last roughly 15 to 20 years. It can all depend on how you take care of it. Regular tune-ups can help your AC last longer. In the summer you may notice that there are more breakdowns. This is because your AC is working its hardest to cool down your house. During this time, it can start to wear out, put a lot of stress on parts or even stop working. With annual tune-ups, a professional can find areas that are breaking down and fix them before the problem becomes larger.

AC is More Energy Efficient

If your air conditioner is not properly maintained then you are more likely to have breakdowns versus somebody who gets annual tune-ups. If you are someone who only contacts a professional when something breaks down. Then you may not realize that your air conditioner may not be as energy-efficient as you would like. When your air conditioner is not well-maintained and has to work harder this will make it less energy efficient. When it is not as energy efficient your energy bill will increase. Depending on where you live you may already have a large energy bill so do you really want to increase your energy bill because your AC is not energy efficient?

Improves Air Quality

An energy-efficient AC is great for your budget and the environment but what is even better than that, is getting good air quality. Having bad air quality can affect your health. You want to live in an environment where you have good air quality. When you get a tune-up they will change the filters, check to see if there is any mold or bacteria, and check the system for pollutants. Don’t let your home get by with poor air quality. A tune-up can help prevent bad air quality and help you even feel better when you have better quality.

AC Tune Up Can Save You Money

Not only can you save money when your AC is energy efficient you will also save money by doing the tune-ups. Yes, tune-ups do cost money but it is a lot cheaper to do a tune-up than to have someone come and fix a breakdown. Breakdowns can be expensive but if you can stop a breakdown before it actually happens with a tune-up it can save you money from having to pay hundreds for that breakdown.

What Does a Spring AC Tune Up Include?

A spring AC tune up typically includes:
– Lubricate all moving parts
– Safety test all controls for proper operation
– Install gauges; record operating pressures, temperatures and compare to manufacturer specifications
– Inspect start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks
– Measure refrigerant levels and superheat to fine-tune its charge
– Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
– Tighten and safety test all wiring and electrical connections
– Check blower motor for proper function (and belt if applicable)
– Test “temperature drop” at return and supply air; adjust blower
– Adjust and clean thermostat
– Meter voltage and amperage in all motors; test for worn bearings
– Test condition of compressor contacts
– Check air filter; clean or replace with customer-supplied filter
– Clean outdoor condenser coil

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The spring is a great time to get a tune-up. It is the time when the weather is good enough that you do not have to have your AC on. It is also the time right before you have to turn on your AC. Get a maintenance tune-up by Hal Mechanical so we can figure out if anything is wrong with your AC before you have any major breakdown in the summer.

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