Commercial Kitchens

Greater Las Vegas, NV is the home to a vast number of businesses focused on entertainment and dining and the majority of these businesses possess a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens are different from the kitchen found in your average home and the differences are more prevalent than the most obvious of size, quantity of appliances, and number of cooks. Each commercial kitchen, whether in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, have essential elements that must be considered and addressed, but not limited to the following:

• Map of Food Handling and Preparation Techniques and Processes
• Layout of Kitchen Equipment and Workstations
• Equipment Maintenance Schedule based on Menu requirements
• Dry Storage and Refrigeration Requirements
• HVAC Requirements
• Ventilation Hood, Air Circulation, and Fire Suppression Requirements
• Hot Water Requirements

Traditional commercial kitchens are absolute utility users and often waste heat during the cooking process. The increased heat will render most air conditioning useless and send it out the ceiling. Technology advancements have provided better solutions, and we can help incorporate them into your commercial kitchen.

Some of Our Specialties Include:
• Cafeterias
• Snack Bars
• Cocktail Lounges
• Remodels
• Custom Stainless Steel
• Hoods
• Counters
• Tables

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