HVAC System Basics in Summerlin North, NV; Central Air Conditioner, Forced Air Furnace, Thermostat & More

Most people recognize the heating, ventilation and air conditioning as the HVAC system. The HVAC system is made of a variety of parts and components and today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to touch on a few of the primary elements.

Forced Air Furnace

More often than not, in Las Vegas homes, the furnace takes up a good deal of space in the utility closet, garage or attic. For the home’s heating needs, the furnace is primarily responsible. Though boilers are not as common in the desert, they can be sometimes used interchangeably though they are two separate appliances.

Central Air Conditioner

Typically, located in the attic space is where the inside unit is and outdoor unit, placed just outside the home, or sometimes on the roof, since there are two air conditioner units that work together. The air conditioner is the appliance that provides cool air.


Homeowners recognize this small device that is commonly mounted on the wall in the main level of your home. The thermostat allows you control the heating or cooling system and set the preferred temperatures. From standard basic models, to programmable models, and even smart models where it allows more and more features gives you many options to choose from. There are some that will include filter change reminders in addition to maximizing the heating and cooling efficiency.

Air Ducts

To allow the treated air to travel through and be dispersed into the various rooms within your home, the air ducts are the funneling system, commonly located in the attic space. To contribute to the indoor air quality and to ensure all the rooms get delivered with warm or cooled air accordingly, the airduct design plays an important role.

Evaporator Coil

A fluid chemical that contributes to the cooling process is known as refrigerant and it cycles through the evaporator coil to absorb the heat that passes from the air going over it. The now, cold air is dispersed throughout your home from there.

Heat Pump

From the inside to the outside during the warmer months, the heat pump takes heat, and it does the opposite effect during the chillier months.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger adds heat to the incoming air from the combustion chamber.

AC Condenser Unit

Exchanges the heat with the air that passes over it, much like the evaporator coil for the outdoor unit, but it gives off heat unlike the evaporator coil.

Refrigerant Tubes

The metal tubes attached to the evaporator coil with the condensing coil are the refrigerant tubes and they connect the indoor and outdoor HVAC units. To withhold and cycle the refrigerant under a range of temperatures are how the tubes are constructed.


Where the treated air is delivered from the air ducts is the vents. That warm or cool air comes through stem from the rectangular coverings, generally on the ceiling.

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For your HVAC systems, these are just the main basics. To offer you with comfortable warm or cool air, the appliances have a number of parts and elements that all work harmoniously. Hal Mechanical is readily available should you need any maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installation services.

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