Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser Problems in Winchester, NV; AC Not Cooling House & More

Many people don’t realize the many problems that can occur from a dirty air conditioning condenser. A dirty condenser damages the overall health of the air conditioner if left unchecked. Often during an HVAC tune-up and maintenance service, the condenser is inspected and if needed, it is cleaned. Many homeowners will not have their air…

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How Does Air Conditioner Produce Water in Whitney, NV? AC Drain Line Clogs, Ice on Coils & Other Leaks

Quite a few people are likely to notice a small collection of water below the air conditioning unit. During normal function, the air conditioner does produce water, and part of the process involves expelling the water, which can leak and cause other problems. During the cooling process, the air conditioner produces this moisture and the…

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How Can I Make My Air Conditioner More Efficient in Summer in Centennial Hills, NV? Keep AC Unit Clean & More

When you’re experiencing the repressive heat of a Las Vegas summer, the last thing that you want to experience is that same summer with an AC that isn’t working properly. Your AC system is heaven sent during these dog days of summer. It is important that you don’t forget to maintain your system to ensure…

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