AC Facts & Myths in Centennial Hills, NV; Will a Bigger Central Air Conditioner Cool House Better & More

Intricate parts and processes to function are relied upon by air conditioning systems. Because of the intricacy of the systems, and people spreading their own logic, many misunderstanding and misinformation can spread like wildfire. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to clear up some of these myths to help people better understand your air…

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What are the 4 Main Components of an AC System in Tuscany Village, NV? Compressor, Air Handler & More

People depend on the air conditioner, depending on your location, and in the Vegas Valley, the AC often is turned on in April and can go through September, even longer. With routine maintenance and diligent care, the air conditioner can last longer and significantly reduce the wear and tear, as well optimize energy efficiency. When…

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