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Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser Problems in Winchester, NV; AC Not Cooling House & More

Many people don’t realize the many problems that can occur from a dirty air conditioning condenser. A dirty condenser damages the overall health of the air conditioner if left unchecked. Often during an HVAC tune-up and maintenance service, the condenser is inspected and if needed, it is cleaned. Many homeowners will not have their air…

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My House is Hot Upstairs & Cold Downstairs in Desert Shores, NV; Test Thermostat & More

Uneven cooling during the summer can make some spots in the home unbearable. Uneven cooling occurs in all homes. However, multi-story homes often have uneven cooling problems more frequently. Uneven cooling can be caused by a number of things, such as duct work problems, dirty air filters, and old air conditioning systems. Hal Mechanical will…

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