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What Causes an AC Unit to Lose Power in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Dirty A/C Coils, Low Refrigerant & More

If your air conditioner appears to be having powering issues such as starting up or running through a complete cycle, a number of things could be going wrong. You probably have some electrical problems or a mechanical problem that is causing your air conditioner to experience power failure. Hal Mechanical will break down some of…

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Why Won’t the AC Turn On in My House in Enterprise, NV? Troubleshooting A/C Unit Power Switch & More

Has your air conditioner failed to start up? When your home is becoming increasingly hotter and you need help determining why the air conditioner will not turn on, there are steps you can take before contacting a professional repair service. Some problems can be easily corrected and you can do them yourself. If you fail…

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How Can I Tell if My AC Compressor is Bad in Eldorado, NV? Outside Unit Making Noise, Leaking Refrigerant & More

The air conditioner’s compressor is a major component that compresses and moves the refrigerant to the evaporator coil to create cool air. When the compressor develops a problem or begins to fail, often you will have a very hot home. Often when the compressor begins to fail, it will produce some kind of warning signs.…

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