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Preventing Commercial Refrigerator Repair for Power Loss, Ice Build Up, Bad Air Flow, Leaks & More in Inspirada, NV

There are many different commercial settings that depend on refrigeration of some kind. Some common commercial refrigeration machines are refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, soft serve machines and frozen beverage machines. Each requires proper maintenance to ensure reliability and longevity of the expensive refrigeration system. Hal Mechanical would like to share some of…

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Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Henderson, NV; Leaking Water, Not Cooling House & More

Here in Southern Nevada, air conditioning systems are essential, especially during such intense hot summers. When an air conditioner unit breaks down, the home can get very hot and cause dehydration and even heat strokes. Repairing or replacing an air conditioner unit can take days. Air conditioners will often give some signs or warning that…

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Is a Refrigerant Leak Dangerous in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Central Air Conditioner Needing Early Replacement & More

When the air conditioner has a refrigerant leak it can be bad news. The refrigerant is an essential part of the entire cooling system that provides cool air and more. When the refrigerant is low, it can have a number of consequences resulting in premature repairs and a financial drain. Hal Mechanical will share the…

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