Why is My AC Making a Vibrating Sound in Peccole Ranch, NV? How Do I Stop a Rattling A/C Unit?

There are a number of different noises that can come for your AC as it turns on to start cooling your house. For most homeowners, you get used to these sounds and you don’t even notice when that blessed AC turns on and off. However, when you start to notice strange sounds coming from your AC when it kicks on, that is a different story. One sound that many homeowners report hearing is a loud rattling sound. Hal Mechanical is here to explore some of the most common causes for rattling in the AC unit might be.

Rattling Sounds Homeowners Might Be Able to Fix on Their Own

Just like anything else, there are usually some problems in your AC that you can fix on your own without the help of AC professionals. Here are some of the issues that can cause rattling inside your AC unit that some homeowners might be able to fix on their own:
– Debris: The outdoor unit that is usually located on the side or the back of your home is susceptible to getting debris stuck in it. This can certainly lead to a rattling noise. Sticks, leaves, trash and even small pebbles are common problems in the outdoor unit. This is one of the reasons homeowners should be inspecting their outdoor units regularly.
– Loose Screws & Bolts: Depending on the placement of the screws and bolts that are loose inside your AC, homeowners might be able to simply tighten them up to get rid of loud rattling. It is normal for these screws and bolts to slowly loosen over time as the vibrations take place during normal operation. Sometimes, loose screws and bolts will require special tools that HVAC professionals have.
– AC Fan Issues: Another part that can cause rattling inside your AC unit is the fan. As your unit gets older, it is normal for the fan blades to also loosen. Sometimes these blades might sustain damage as well. Fan blades are fairly easy to tighten and even replace on your own if you are used to doing DIY repairs in your home. People who don’t feel comfortable should leave it up to the pros.

Rattlings Sounds AC Professionals Should Take Care Of

There are some issues that can lead to rattling sounds that should be left up to the HVAC professionals.
– AC Motor Problems: If the motor inside your unit is the cause for the rattling when your AC kicks on, you will want to leave that one up to the pros.
– AC Refrigerant Leaks: Another issue that is best left to professionals is a refrigerant leak which can cause bubbling, gurgling or even rattling noises.

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