Why are there Weird Noises Coming from My AC in Aliante, NV? Leaks, Faulty Belts & More

Having an AC system that works properly is vital in Las Vegas. You almost have to be crazy to not have central AC here. When something goes wrong with your AC system, most people are working frantically to get it fixed. One of the best ways to make sure that you aren’t caught with an AC system that isn’t working properly, is to recognize early warning signs that point to a problem. Often, the earliest warning signs includes strange noises coming from your unit. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the issues that could cause strange noises to occur.

AC Leaks

Having the right amount of refrigerant in your system is necessary in keeping your home cool. What many people don’t realize is that the refrigerant in their AC unit is located in a closed system. This means that the same refrigerant is simply cycled through the system over and over again rather than being used up. If you have low refrigerant levels, it is definitely caused by a leak somewhere. The refrigerant in this closed system contains high pressure levels. When there is a leak, it is often accompanied by a loud hissing sound.

Faulty AC Belts

Another strange and loud noise that can come from your AC unit is screeching and squealing. Usually, if you are hearing this noise, it is due to a belt that needs replaced for one reason or another. This is something that happens often when your AC is getting older.

AC Fan Problems

If you have a problem with your fan, the noise that is often present is a constant clicking noise. This can mean one of two things: there is a blockage somewhere in your fan blades, or the fan blades have become loose and need tightening.

Clogged AC Condensate Drain

Did you know that when your AC is on to cool your house, part of making the air cooler is removing the humidity that is found there? As your AC works to remove the humidity from the air, it needs to be able to drain this moisture away from the unit. This is where the condensate drain comes into play. If there is a blockage or your condensate drain is clogged, this water will not be able to properly drain and will start causing significant problems with your unit. It often causes a shortage in the circuit board, and you will hear a pulsating noise as your unit works to try and start.

AC Condenser Issues

Any loud banging that you hear coming from your unit as it starts working is usually caused by a problem with your condenser. Since this is a vital part to your cooling system, it is important that you have it looked at as soon as possible.

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