When Should I Be Concerned about My Furnace in Spring Valley, NV? High Heating Bills & More

A furnace as it begins to develop problems will provide some early warning signs. As the homeowner you need to know these early warning signs and never ignore them. Early problems can be easily corrected, but if neglected, they will lead to major repairs and even the end of your heating system. To prevent expensive repairs or a full furnace replacement, Hal Mechanical would like to share some of these early warning signs that you should not ignore or disregard.

Higher Heating Bill

One of the common warning signs that a furnace is developing a problem or is under distress is a higher than normal heating bill. When you have a higher heating bill you may wonder if it is because you used more hot water or have been cooking more lately, at least those who use gas furnaces. Electrical furnaces you may assume you left lights on or you have been doing more laundry or something. Most people will have an average utility bill. It may go up or down slightly, but not a lot. When your bill has increased greatly, your furnace is most likely the cause. When you have a furnace that is under stress and has a problem, it will run more often and longer which is resulting in the higher heating bill. Have your furnace inspected to determine what is stressing out your furnace before that stress turns into a major repair.

Short-Cycling Furnace

Short cycles may seem like a basic problem and that potentially something is wrong with you electrical system. However, short cycles can be a sign of many problems with the furnace. Short cycling can be due to stress, a startup failure or even an oversized furnace. If the furnace continues to short cycle, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. You will find that not only will your home be very cold but there is a problem that needs to be addressed to restore your home’s heating system.

Unusual Noises from Heating System

When a furnace is running smoothly you may hear a soft humming noise. This is normal. But if you are hearing noises other than a soft hum, then you have a problem. You may hear a popping, buzzing, banging or screeching noise. If so, your furnace needs some immediate attention. Depending on what noise you are hearing from your furnace it often points to the problem your furnace is experiencing. For example, a popping noise might be a problem with the burners. A buzzing is often an electrical problem, and the bang or screeching is a mechanical issue. When you hear any unusual noises you should turn off your heating system until an HVAC technician can come and inspect your heating system. Noises means the presence of a major problem that needs to be repaired or your entire furnace can break down.

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When you notice any of these symptoms do not ignore them or assume it is an easy fix. By ignoring small problems, it can quickly become a much bigger issue and one that may cost much more than a smaller repair. When you need your furnace inspected, repaired or other HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical.

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