What is the Most Common Cause of AC Compressor Failure in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? Dirty Coils & More

When the compressor fails your home will become very warm especially during the middle of the summer. When an air conditioner fails you will need to have the unit inspected and then repaired. When the problem is due to the compressor being broken down, it can take time to get the replacement part and to have a new compressor installed. It is best to prevent compressor failure before it happens. Hal Mechanical will share what can cause a compressor to fail and what you can do to prevent compressor failure.

AC Cannot Work Without Compressor

It is important to maintain a healthy air conditioner and prevent major component failure. The compressor is one of the air conditioner’s major components. Without the compressor, you will not have cool air. The compressor moves or pumps the refrigerant through the rest of the air conditioner. When the refrigerant is not being circulated, you will be without cool air. It is important to ensure the compressor remains healthy and functional.

What Can Cause a Compressor to Burn Out & Fail?

A compressor often fails due to the following three major reasons. Most of these can be prevented with the right maintenance and care.
Reason 1. Dirty Compressor Coils – A compressor will fail when it’s coils become so dirty that the air flow is restricted. Not enough air passes through which causes a lot of heat. Eventually the compressor overheats and burns out. Once the compressor burns out, you will need to have the component replaced. To prevent overheating or premature wear of the compressor it is important to have the coils kept cleaned. As part of annual tune-ups, the coils are cleaned. However, if you did not have your unit tuned-up this year, the coils can become dirty and compromise the compressor.
Reason 2. Refrigerant Leaks – If the air conditioner develops a refrigerant leak, this also can lead to the compressor’s down fall. The compressor pumps the refrigerant and at the same time, the refrigerant is helping the compressor from overheating. Overheating also occurs when the refrigerant is too low. This causes the air conditioner to stay on longer in an effort to try to cool the home. The longer the compressor is running and the home is not cooling, over time it will damage the compressor. If you home feel warm and humid, and the air conditioner is running very long cycles without cooling, you most likely have a refrigerant leak that need to be repaired. To prevent the compressor from failing, it is important to detect a refrigerant leak and have it repaired as soon as possible. Avoid running your air conditioner until the refrigerant leak is repaired.
Reason 3. Electrical Related AC Problems – An air conditioner has a number of electrical components and wiring. Compressors may fail when the wiring becomes corroded or damaged. There are also relays, a capacitor and or conductor that can also fail preventing the compressor from getting power. The electrical system can burn up due to excessive heat or even due to power surges or the wear of time. With regular maintenance or tune-ups you can prevent premature wear of the electrical system. If an unforeseen electrical failure does occur, they are relatively easy to repair.

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It is important to prevent problems before they occur. If you encounter air conditioner problems, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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