What Happens if You Oversize or Undersize an AC Unit in Inspirada, NV? Short Cycling & More

A common concern is knowing what size air conditioning you need for your home. When it comes to choosing the right HVAC system for your home, it is never a one size fits all type of solution.
As a waste of energy, money, and causing a number of problems, an HVAC unit that is too big is a problem on its own. A unit that is too small, on the other hand, will not allow air to flow throughout the home. Choosing the best sized HVAC unit for your home has an exact science, though few realize it. With this in mind, we at Hal Mechanical would like to discuss how your air conditioner’s size does matter and stress the importance today.

Is a Larger AC Unit More Efficient?

If you install an HVAC unit that is too big for your home, you are likely to face a world of trouble. One of the primary issues of a unit that is too big is the unit constantly running on short cycles. Air conditioners are programmed to operate, until a home reaches the temperature set on the thermostat. After the home reaches that temperature, the whole system turns off. When a system is too large it’s constantly turning on and off, this isn’t good since it cools the home in a much shorter cycle. When it comes to a unit being too big, high humidity and the possibility of mold is another serious concern. Because it doesn’t have the chance to properly remove moisture from the air, your home with high indoor humidity when the AC short cycles, as we mentioned.

What Happens if AC is Too Small?

Being inefficient at operating, long cycles mean your AC unit is running, and running, and running. Your energy bills are forced to skyrocket with the constant cycle and needless strain is put on the system. If you keep an ear out and notice your AC is constantly running, it may be a sign your AC system is too small. You are likely to notice the inconsistent temperatures, particularly if there is a lot of discomfort felt in the home. Rooms close to the AC unit may reach a comfortable, cool temperature simultaneously while rooms further away from the unit will be warmer.

How Do I Calculate HVAC Size?

Based on a mathematic formula, there is an exact science to determining what size HVAC system your home needs. As they first determine the square footage of your home, then the base BTU, or the British Thermal Unit, hiring a trained technician helps tremendously. The necessary energy used to treat the temperature in your home is how our techs measure the BTU. When takes about 25 BTUs to cool one square foot, and multiply that by the home’s square footage, you are on the right track. Making a difference and also accounted for are the high ceilings and any other architecture.

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