What Does an AC Tune Up Include in Las Vegas, NV? Inspect, Test, Clean, Lubricate Cooling System & More

With the seasons changing, it is the time of year to begin preparing the air conditioning system for the upcoming cooling season. With proper preparation you can avoid most cooling failures and have a more efficient and reliable cooling system. Hal Mechanical will share how to prepare your home or business cooling system with an air conditioning tune-up.

What is an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Many people often underestimate the need for regular maintenance and care for their air conditioning system. Often an air conditioner will go season after season without ever having an air conditioning tune-up. This is a major mistake that too many people make. An air conditioning tune-up is a full maintenance service that inspects, cleans, and lubricates the entire cooling system. During the inspection, the wiring and the refrigerant levels are checked. Any failing components are discovered and can be replaced. With proper cleaning and lubing of the air conditioner, it will run at its top performance, which means it will cost you less. Along with proper cleaning, the air conditioner will not wear down as fast and the air conditioner’s life will be extended. Other minor problems can be corrected to prevent bigger problems. There are many reasons and benefits to having your air conditioner tuned-up.

When Should I Tune Up My AC?

With proper maintenance your cooling system will last longer, save you money and will last reliably all summer long. Once people understand the importance of proper maintenance they will often ask how often should the air conditioner system be tuned-up? An air conditioning system only needs a tune-up once a year. Any time is a good time to have the air conditioner maintained. However, to ensure top performance and reliability during the summer, it is recommended to have the air conditioner tuned-up late winter or during the spring. As the seasons change, the air conditioning system should be tuned-up and ready for the long cooling season. The same concept goes for the heating system. Furnaces and boilers should also receive a yearly tune-up the best time to tune-up the heating system is in early fall. With proper maintenance for the coming season, you will ensure your HVAC system is efficient and effective.

How Do I Prepare for a Home Air Conditioning Tuneup?

Along with scheduling an air conditioning tune-up, homeowners can take other steps to make sure their cooling system is ready for the summer. Homeowners can check the air vents or registers in the home. Clean off any dust that may have accumulated on the vents and make sure they are all fully open. Never close the air vents in the home or you will add stress to the air conditioner and interfere with the cooling system performance. Additionally, make sure that nothing is blocking the air vents, particularly vents near or on the floor. Next check air filters, and make sure throughout the season you stay on-top of the air filter and change them out as needed. It is recommended to check air filter once a month. Lastly, if you have an outdoor unit that is on the ground, make sure there are no weeds or grass growing around the unit. Clean up any debris that may have built up around the unit so it can breathe.

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With proper maintenance and with yearly tune-ups, you will have an effective and efficient cooling system. Now is the time to schedule your yearly air conditioning tune-ups. For air conditioning tune-ups, repair, and more contact Hal Mechanical.

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