What Does an AC Circuit Board Do in Enterprise, NV? How Do I Know if Control Board is Bad?

Has your HVAC system’s circuit board AKA control board failed? There are many components to an HVAC system and each has its own role to play. Where there are many mechanical parts that help to create the cool air. One is the electrical components that send signals throughout the entire HVAC system and one of the most essential electrical components in an HVAC system is the control board. For those who are not sure what the control board does or know if it has failed, Hal Mechanical will cover what you need to know about the control board.

What Does an AC Circuit Board Do?

The control board, also known as the control module or control panel, is an essential component of an HVAC system. It is the central command center that manages and coordinates the entire operation of the system. To start, the control board assists in the communication between various components of the HVAC system, such as the thermostat, sensors, motors, and valves. The control board ensures that these components work together to maintain the desired temperature and air quality within the home. The control board also monitors the information from sensors throughout the HVAC. It monitors the temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors, to maintain a comfortable indoor environment and even identifies any potential issues before they become serious problems. Based on the information from the thermostat and other sensors, the control board sends signals to regulate the operation of components like the compressor, fan motors, and dampers. The control board is also responsible for the safety system of the HVAC. The control board monitors safety-related components, such as pressure switches, flame sensors, and limit switches. It takes action such as shutting down the HVAC system in the event an abnormality develops or a component fails. The control board can also help diagnose issues within the system by storing error codes or flashing LED indicators that indicate a specific problem. This makes it easier for technicians to troubleshoot and repair the system. Lastly, modern control boards have an additional feature that helps to improve the HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Newer control boards can help manage fan speeds, starting a cooling cycling, and controlling the a variable-speed compressors.

How Do I Know if AC Control Board is Bad?

If the control board in an HVAC system develops a problem or has failed, it produces certain signs or symptoms. Some of the common signs that indicate problem with the control board may include:
• Intermittent or Erratic Operation: If the HVAC system starts randomly shutting off, changing fan speeds, or not responding to the thermostat settings, this could be due to a malfunctioning control board.
• AC Not Starting: If the HVAC system fails to start, the control board may be unable to send the correct signal to the proper components to start a cooling cycle.
• Continuous Running of AC: If the system runs constantly, even when the temperature is very cool and comfortable, the control board may not be functioning properly and is unable to turn off the compressor or blower motor.
• Inconsistent Heating or Cooling: If the HVAC system cannot maintain the right temperature this too may be a sign that a problem with the control board’s ability to regulate the components in the HVAC system.
• Error Codes or LED Indicators: Many control boards have a built-in diagnostic feature that displays error codes or uses LED indicators to signal certain problems or issues. If you see unusual error codes or flashing LED lights, there may be a problem with the control board.

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If your HVAC system’s control board seems to be having a problem it is important to have a new control board installed. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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