What Does a Bad Heat Pump Sound Like in Seven Hills, NV? Hissing, Rattling, Clicking or Other?

You may have had the heat pump for a while and all of a sudden you started noticing strange sounds. Or maybe a sound gradually started and now it seems to be getting worse. Having sounds coming from your heat pump can be causing bigger problems to your heat pump, knowing what the sounds are and what the problem is, can help you know when to call a professional.

Hissing Heat Pump Sound

If you are hearing a hissing sound, this could be from a refrigerant leak or even an airflow problem. Both need to be addressed by professionals. Often a hissing can be mixed up with a whooshing sound. If you have a whoosh of air it is not the same as a hissing sound.

Heat Pump Making Rattling Noises

If you are hearing rattling noises, it usually is a good indication that something is loose. Either bolts or screws have become loose and are rattling when your heat pump is on. It is best to get these bolts or screws tightened so that they do not come out and cause further damage to your heat pump.

Screeching Heat Pumps

When you think of screeching often it is something scratching against each other that is an unpleasant sound. Well, screeching on the heat pump is metal scraping against metal leaving that very unpleasant sound. This sound lets you know that there is a much-needed repair.

Heat Pump Dripping Sounds

If you are hearing a dripping sound, then some type of liquid is dripping or leaking. The problem is that a heat pump does not use water. So the dripping indicates you have a refrigerant leak, a backed-up drain, or even ice buildup that is thawing and now dripping.

Clicking Heat Pump Noise

A clicking noise is not always bad. If you are hearing a brief click sound when your heat pump turns on and turns off then that is not a problem. The problem lies when there is a continuing clicking once the heat pump has turned on.

Heat Pump Buzzing Sound

When your heat pump is running you can hear a buzzing or a humming sound. These sounds indicate it is an electrical component that needs to be fixed. When it comes to electricity, you want to call a professional to come and fix it, so that no harm comes to you.

Silent Heat Pump

Sometimes silence is nice. Especially when you have a loud chaotic house or have a busy day at work. But when your heat pump is silent that is not a good sign. If it is silent, it means it is not running. If it is not running, you are not getting heat. You need to call a professional to get your heat pump working again.

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There are some sounds that you do not want your heat pump to be making. If your heat pump is making sounds that you question if that is okay or not call a professional like Hal Mechanical to see what is going on with your heat pump.

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