What Do I Need to Know Before Replacing My Old Central Air Conditioner in Sun City Summerlin, NV?

Many homeowners rely on an old air conditioner that they plan to replace at the end of the winter season or beginning of spring. If you are one of those people then you will want to begin the process of replacing your air conditioner now as the season is already warming up. When you need to replace your air conditioner, here are some of the top things you should know about replacing your air conditioner.

Should You Oversize Your AC Unit?

When looking to replace your home air conditioner unit, many homeowners believe that bigger is better. The bigger the air conditioner unit the quicker it will cool down the home which means less running time, right? Unfortunately, this is not how HVAC systems work. An oversized unit creates more problems than they will ever solve. With an oversized furnace you will have short cycling, overheating, and the air conditioner will wear out faster. An air conditioner is designed for its cooling space. For top performance, longevity, and efficiency, get a properly sized air conditioner when buying a new one.

Needed Size Ductwork

Another major considerations when replacing an air conditioner is the air ducts. Not only will you need to calculate the interior cooling space for the size of the home to get the right size air conditioner, but the air duct size also matters. If the air ducts are too small a bigger air conditioner, it can cause too much pressure for the air ducts to handle. Even when getting an air conditioner that fits the home cooling space, smaller air ducts can create problems. The homeowner will need to find an air conditioner that is designed for the cooling space and the air ducts. If the size of the air conditioner needs to be reduced due to the air ducts, this can happen. However, you may lose out on some efficiency. Another option if a home was installed will smaller air ducts, which was common in older homed, you may want to consider replacing the air ducts with a more accommodating size to better suit modern air conditioners and for better efficiency. Essentially, you will want to have the air ducts checked before committing to a new air conditioner unit to ensure everything comes together for the better.

What is a Good SEER Rating for an Air Conditioner?

When buying a new appliance, including an air conditioner unit, every unit will have a seers rating. When it comes to buying a residential air conditioner unit, you will mostly need to focus on SEER ratings 14 through 21. Older units were rated at an 8 or 9 so even settling on a 14 you are improving your energy efficiency. Even the cheapest air conditioner units may have a SEER rating of 13. However, for the average homeowner, consider seeking an air conditioner with a 14 to 16 SEER rating. They are affordable and you can often find one to fit your home. However, the higher you can go on the SEER rating the cheaper it will cost to run your cooling system.

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If you need to replace your air conditioning system this spring, and need help finding the right size with an excellent SEER rating, contact Hal Mechanical.

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