What Causes an Air Conditioner to Run Continuously in Summerlin North, NV? Bad AC Contactor & More

You may have turned your air conditioner on only to discover it will not shut off. When you notice your air conditioner is running and it never shuts off, this will run your power bill higher and higher. You will want to discover why your air conditioner is not turning off and have the problem corrected to keep your bill down. There are a few problems that can develop that will cause the air conditioner to keep running. Hal Mechanical will share what can cause an air conditioner to not turn off as well as their solutions.

Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat controls the air conditioner. The thermostat sends the signal for the air conditioner to run a cycle and when to end a cycle. When the thermostat has a problem ,you will see the problem through the air conditioning system. When the air conditioner fails to turn off it may be the thermostat. If the thermostat has malfunctioned then the air conditioner may be stuck on. The thermostat will need to be replaced if the thermostat has been damaged or has developed a problem. Other time the thermostat may be set to the “on” or “run” setting. If this is the case, the air conditioner’s fan will run non-stop. Before assuming the worst check the thermostat’s settings and make sure the temperature is ideally set to “auto”. Lastly, another problem may be the thermostat’s location. If the thermostat is in a hot section of the home, it may take a very long time before the temperature nears the thermostat to drop low enough to trigger the thermostat to end the cycle. If the thermostat’s is being heated up by sun light, or a nearby appliance, you will want to seek out a solution to keep the temperature around the thermostat cool or at the same temperature as the rest of the home.

Bad Air Conditioner Contactor

There are contactors that is used to supply and control the flow of power to the various components in the air conditioning system. If you hear your air conditioner running constantly, it is the air conditioner’s fan motor that you are most likely hearing. The fan motor has a contactor that controls the flow of power. When the flow of power is cut off, the motor will stop. The contractor may be stuck to a constant flow of power to the air conditioner’s fan motor. When the contactors are left open the fan will continue to run. This can become a dangerous situation for your air conditioner and your home. The fan motor can overheat and cause a power surge that in turn can cause a fire. If the motor overheats, the motor itself will break down beyond repair. The circuit to the air conditioning system will need to be turned off and the contractor replaced. You will want to seek a professional to come and inspect the air conditioner and make sure the problem is the contractor and not another underlining problem.

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