What Causes AC Refrigerant Loss in Inspirada, NV & What Happens when Refrigerant is Running Low?

Many homeowners often believe that refrigerant will run out of their air conditioning unit and at some point, it will need to be refilled. However, this is not the case. Refrigerant is a renewable substance that recycles itself throughout the cooling process. Essentially you should never run out of refrigerant. However, you can run low on refrigerant due to a leak somewhere within the cooling system. It can be hard to determine air conditioning failures as the symptoms can be very similar. To determine if your air conditioner is losing refrigerant, it is important to know how to properly react. Hal Mechanical will share how to troubleshoot refrigerant loss and what to do when this problem occurs.

What Happens if AC is Running Low?

When an air conditioner fails to create cool air, even though you can hear it running, it can be due to a number of different problems including refrigerant loss. When the refrigerant is low the entire air conditioner system will overheat which can lead to major damages to the air conditioning system. When the refrigerant is running low you must turn off the air conditioning system and seek repairs to prevent compounding problems. However, you need to identify that the refrigerant is low to react properly. To determine if the refrigerant is running low, these are the common signs to watch out for. The air conditioner will begin to struggle to cool down the inside of the home. When a leak first occurs there is some refrigerant present but not enough for proper efficiency. Often an early warning sign that the refrigerant is leaking out are longer cooling cycles. You may notice your air conditioner taking a longer time to cool down the home, or the air conditioner may run more often than normal. Along with more or longer cooling cycles your power bill will increase as result. You may even be able to hear the refrigerant leaking out. Often as the refrigerant leaks out, it will make a hissing noise. The presence of a hissing noise is no doubt the sound of the refrigerant leaking out somewhere in the line. However, when too much refrigerant has leaked out the home will not cool down and remain very uncomfortable. At this point most people will contact their HVAC service. Another sign to look for is ice buildup. Ice can mean one of two problems. One is low refrigerant, the second is due to dirty air filters, evaporator coil or dirty condenser coils. Again, ice on building up around the air conditioning often warrants a call to your HVAC service.

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When signs of low refrigerant appears, turn off the air conditioning right away. Often the compressor will overheat and completely burn up, adding a compressor replacement to your bill. Contact your preferred HVAC service. They will need to come out, locate and repair the site of the leak. Once the leak has been repaired, they will also recharge the refrigerant and inspect the air conditioner unit to ensure no additional problems have occurred. Refrigerant leaks can become a major problem, so do not hesitate to seek professional assistance when symptoms emerge. For HVAC repair services and more, contact Hal Mechanical!

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